Sunday, December 30, 2012

Time and Bad Habits

After the first three and a half years in this empty nest, I noticed that I developed certain habits during this adjustment period.
  1. The art of PROCRASTINATION. Yep, I’ve very nearly perfected this one. When the lovelies were here at home, I had to get things done because there was very little time to waste and everyone needed something right now. But, once the nest emptied out, there was no one here with a schedule to keep so I just put things off. All the time. If I don’t want to do it, I don’t.  And yes, I’m aware that this could be categorized under ‘lazy.’
  2. I’ve become METHODICAL. Not the part of methodical that means orderly. Nope. The part that means painstakingly slow. Because there’s no need to be in a hurry anymore. When the lovelies were here, I worked around in speeds that would make Superman’s ability to go faster than that speeding bullet seem a snail’s pace. When the nest emptied, this was no longer necessary. So I slowed way down—to the point that a snail’s pace was faster than I. It got to the point that I got something done when the spirit moved me. And by moved, I mean SHOVED. And, yes, I realize that this is another of my empty nest habits that could be categorized under ‘lazy.’
  3. I’ve gotten into the habit of SINGING LOUDLY while working out or working around the house. That’s not really a bad thing. But it can be an embarrassing thing. Like when you forget that someone else is in the house and you’re dancing around singing loudly and you notice that the other person has fallen to floor and is laughing his ass off. Why? Because I sing badly. And people around here think that’s really funny.
  4. It’s become a habit for me to ARGUE. Yes, yes. Very funny. I was argumentative before the nest emptied out. But now, I argue with the television. And that is my sole purpose for turning the dang set on. Unless there’s a football game on. But I’m argumentative with the games too so…
  5. I got into the habit of HOME REPAIR AND REDECORATING. But not by choice. It’s just one project led to another. And another. And another…
  6. DAYDREAMING. Yep. Living in this empty nest of mine has caused me to develop the habit of daydreaming. I have become quite adept at zoning out for hours at a time.

What do these new habits say about me? They say that having an empty nest taught me how to waste time. But it has also shown me how to appreciate time. And take the time. Enjoy time and recall time. 

It’s how to stop time that still eludes me.

How do you manage your time? 


  1. Procrastination is one of my gifts!! (I just wish it was a Biblical gift)

  2. I'm beginning to think we're related. I love to sing in the shower or anywhere else for that matter, and I'm pretty lousy at it, but I totally don't care. The dogs must like it because the start to owl as soon as I start singing. And I totally love to argue with just about anybody, especially the tv people because they get on my last nerve. Decoating? I'd rather just order people

  3. That's the thing about having time, we tend to waste it. When I was busy all I wanted was more time in my day but now that I have it I do nothing with it. That is something I want to change in 2013!

  4. Deb- Mine too. Me too. LOL

    Debby- Absolutely. I want to change this too---not sure how it's going to go though. Might have to take some time to think about it. LOL

  5. Alessandra- We must be! AND, I like to order people around too! But mostly, I decorate alone because they get on my nerves when they try to help and I yell at them. LOL

  6. Procrastination is a skill. You have to organize yourself to know exactly how long a thing will take to do - just in case it really does need doing after all. I have mastered this skill and refuse to be labelled lazy. I would never think of you as lazy!

    Singing badly. Yes. Me, too. Why is that funny?

    I've found that retirement is much like your empty nest for the extra time it gives. I'm glad that you've chosen to share some of your time with us...I'm so happy to have met you.

  7. Wow Pam, I don't know if I knew anything about you like you see yourself. In fact, I am always so totally amazed at how much you get done. I think of course I am the slacker. Having to move in top speed at Christmas is hard to do anymore. I think now that mine are almost grown now, I do have a bit more time. I am looking forward to your list, I admit. Well not the yelling at the TV Part, I had to give up watching the news because of that.
    I need to sing more. I am so glad that you do. I get laughed at but who cares right?
    Well I could go on and on.
    Have a lovely New Year.

  8. Stephanie- I appreciate that, but when I think of all I could get done as opposed to what actually gets done...well, there's a definite gap there. LOL I don't know why the bad singing is funny- maybe we have to be on the receiving end? Thank you- that's so sweet! I feel the same way!

    Kim- Well, that's nice but, as I wrote to Stephanie, there's a definite gap between what I get done and what I could get done. :) I gave up watching the news too. It's ridiculous- and most of it is because of those idiot anchors. When you get over here, we'll go sing on the beach!

  9. Another funny post that made me think about myself...
    I procrastinate often and then rush when I can wait no long er to do stuff. Its ups and downs on my end...

  10. Stormy- Yep. And we all end right up on our ends too. LOL

  11. I definitely have to work on my procrastination.
    Good luck in 2013 :)

  12. Tim Allen just proves that crushes are unreasonable :) happy 2013, I saw you rang it in in style!!


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