Monday, January 28, 2013

All Grown Up List

It's Monday and time to join Stasha over at The Good Life for Monday Listicles! 
Each week Stasha gives us a theme for our lists. This week, we our topic was 10 Things In Your Closet.

This week the list is all about what we thought we would grow up to be or do when we were kids. It was touch and go as to whether my mind would let me travel back quite THAT far, but y'all know me- I had to try.

All you have to do to join in with this week's list is click on the button!

  1. A professional football player. That's right. When I was around 8 or 9, that was my big goal. Everyone told me, "Girls don't play football," except one of my grandmother's brothers. WD told me that I could be anything I wanted to be. And what I wanted to be was a Dallas Cowboy! Obviously, I never made that dream come true. But I am just as avid a football fan today as I was then. Even more, actually. And some things have changed- I am now a Carolina Panthers fan (the Cowboys just moved to number 2 though) and the language I use during the games is a little :)
  2. A nurse. This one came later. I thought I would enjoy being a nurse. But that was just stupid because I hate being around sick people and I would NEVER be able to give someone a shot. AND I would NEVER be able to pass all that chemistry. 
  3. A mom. Nailed it! Not only did I want to be a mom, I only wanted to have daughters! Nailed it again!
  4. A pianist. Yeah, not so much. I took the lessons. But I HATED practicing. It took too long and I didn't stick with it long enough to know whether I would ever have gotten my piano groove on or not. My guess now is--I would not have. I rocked the clarinet though!
  5. An artist. Again, not so much. But we are a creative bunch and 3 of the lovelies can draw/paint. So the gene is there...I just didn't get it. That stuff really does skip a generation.
  6. Live on a farm. Nope. Not even close. I would still like to give this a try but, after meeting some wonderful bloggers who live on farms, I'm not sure I could cut it. Farmers and their wives and families are cut from stronger fabric than I.
  7. Join the Peace Corps. Never happened. It may have had something to do with my interest in partying overriding the I-want-to-make-a-difference interest. 
  8. A writer. I'm not. But I still want to be and I'm trying to keep the dream alive.
  9. A teacher. Nailed it! Never realized I'd have the gift (I think it's a gift) of connecting with problem students though.
  10. Make people laugh. I've always wanted to be the comic relief. Cheesy, I know. But I'd much rather see people laughing and having a good time than sulking or being angry. 
Alrighty then, there it is. Nothing great and wonderful but that's ok with me.

What's on your list?


  1. Fun, fun post! Your comment on piano reminds me of our son who once said, while listening to a Joshua Bell violin CD, 'I'd do ANYTHING to be able to play the violin like that........except practice.' LOL

    Have a great week, Pam!

  2. Very neat list! You do make me laugh and I appreciate the smile I get very much. I'm glad that you nailed a lot of your dreams and I believe you will reach some of your others because you are a very positive and motivated person! I enjoyed your list very much. Have a happy day!

  3. I completely agree with you on #6, although I've never actually wanted to live on a farm. I always knew I wasn't cut out for it.

  4. #7,8,9 and 10...right on! My best friend was a nurse and I wouldn't even let her tell me about the stuff she had to do in training. I wanted to be a teacher from the time I found out what they were!

    Even more fun than making people laugh is laughing along with them :)

  5. The Dallas Cowboys. I probably fantasized about being one of their cheerleaders. Or married to one. Ha. I love it that you wanted to be on the field.

  6. Judy- LOL Are you sure he's not related to me? :)

    Jhona- Thanks! I'm so glad you got a kick out of it- that makes my day! You're very sweet- hope your day has been a happy one too!

    Azara- Right?! Those wonderful folks are made of much stronger stuff!

    Stephanie- I'm like that with Birdie. She's an athletic trainer and she loves to tell about injuries she's witnessed. MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL! LOL

    South- There's no better place than on the field where all the action is! Cheerleaders were way too girly girl for me. Funny, of the four girls, we've got two girly girls and two tom boys. Right down the middle! :)

  7. Funny how we go through these ideas of "What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up? when we are kids. We mentally try them on. Some look glamorous. Others are just what we know and we expect them like rain and sunshine. I think most of us try on "Mom" and "Teacher" because it is what we see every day. We likely also try on the occupations of our parents and maybe things we see on TV or in movies that look exciting. Some of us get to be in our 40s and that question is still being asked and the answer is still changing. And for some it may change the whole of our lives. You never know when an opportunity to do something different will knock on your door.

  8. A lady that wanted to be a football player, and wanted only daughters. LOL! That just tickled my funny bone. Math ruled out my secondary desires as well. I don't like sulking angry people either.

  9. This was fun to read. You've got me thinking about what I wanted to be. Every now and then a farm sounds appealing. Then I think about all that hard work without any real breaks and I know I'm not cut out for it. Farmers are tied to their farms and we have a bit of the wanderlust in us. Enjoy your day!

  10. I wanted to be a groundskeeper at Busch Stadium ... so in between times of going out onto the field to re-sweep the infield, I could watch the game - for free while getting paid. ;-)

  11. lol re the professional footballer, that would have been interesting!
    As far as I'm concerned, you are a writer and you make people laugh. Every time I visit your blog, I come away with a big smile, and sometimes just laugh out loud.
    So, two more goals reached!
    I did an interview for nursing, but didn't make the cut when I told them I only wanted to be anurse if I didn't get the grades to study medicine! I wouldn't have made a good nurse, or doctor!

  12. You already ARE a writer--you write a beautiful blog and that counts. (At least, it does for me!) Thanks for your fun blog.

  13. Fun list. #7 got your #10. Thanks for the chuckles.


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