Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Chattin' Away the Afternoon

FINALLY. I finally made it in time for some chattin' up on Patrice's porch! You can chat with her too- just click on the button and get on over there!

Everyday Ruralty
  1. What's your favorite thing to have in hot cocoa/ hot chocolate? I used to love either miniature marshmallows or marshmallow cream. Now, I've discovered sipping chocolate and it stands on it's own just fine!
  2. Did you have a white Christmas? Have you had snow since then? No (sad, frowny face). No again (sadder, frownier face).
  3. Have you been looking over seed catalogs? If this doesn't apply, what kind of catalogs do you like to leaf through? No (frustrated face). Who has time for seed catalogs when they're trying to teach keyboarding to 600 elementary school children AND a 4th grade intervention group, two 5th grade math intervention groups and 6 kindergarten intervention groups?
  4. Gas stove or electric? Electric. But gas is better because it's controllable.
  5. What's new or interesting? Not one darn thing (sad, frustrated, frowny face). 
It's really just fine with me that there's nothing new or interesting right now. After the holidays, sometimes it's nice to just sit down for a minute and be boring!

Now it's your turn--anything new and interesting in your neck of the woods?



  1. I love your chats on the porch series. Hot chocolate with WHIP for me. ;) ha

  2. You're so much fun!!! HOPE you have a great rest of the week!

  3. Straight chocolate does have it's merits!!! Sounds like you keep plenty busy with teaching! And, I don't even get catalogs anymore - I'm sure it's because I never ordered anything!

  4. What a nice bunch of questions but lots of sad faces here. :) I will send you a happy face. You are so busy, my goodness. Well with this huge cold air mass coming from the North Pole maybe you will get some cold air. I hope you are having a nice day.

  5. We had the prettiest Christmas Eve I can remember. As we stepped out of church, about 9 PM, the snow had just begun to fall.

    Course it won't be as nice when it does that in late March! Or April!

  6. You could have had all my snow if I just knew you wanted it :D

  7. Well lets see...we've had snow several times; what's new? An iPad, a new vacuum, new boots; seed catalogue browsing? oh no, not I...I am trying to learn to use this keyboard properly!...:)JP

  8. mm- I like whipped cream too but marshmallows are my fave! :)

    Debbie- Aw...Thank You! Hope you have a great rest of the week too!

    Jane- Doesn't it though???? I think I'm going to have to go and have a cup right now!

    Kim- WHAT?! There's a cold blast coming from Santa??? I mean the North Pole???? YES!!!! LOL Maybe if I chant: I WANT SNOW! I WANT SNOW! I WANT SNOW!

    Joyce- The last time we had snow at Christmas was 1989 and that was sent by God to cover up the debris left from hurricane Hugo. It was gorgeous! And so was yours- I saw your pictures! I guess it does sort of lose it's appeal as spring comes around. How's the quiet up your way?

    Maren-I DO! I love snow! But that's probably because we hardly ever get it.

  9. Sipping chocolate is great! Keyboarding to 600 kids? Yikes! Now they can all grow up to be bloggers. :)

  10. Gee, Pam, I can see your sad, frowny, frownier, and frustrated face all the way from Wisconsin. lol

    I'll mail you some snow. ;-)

  11. I used to love marshmallows - don't seem to want them anymore. Or the hot chocolate.

    And what the heck do you do? Keyboarding I get but what is 'intervention'?

    Agreed on the gas being better for cooking. It still scares me...my mother did a fine job on my psyche LOL

  12. such funny faces. no seed catalogues here--I just planted my boat's herb garden.

  13. such funny faces. no seed catalogues here--I just planted my boat's herb garden.

  14. We didn't have snow for Christmas however we got some afterwards. We are actually going to ge a January thaw this week which will wash the snow away.

  15. I agree sometimes boring is okay!! I will remember the math thing next time my 5th grader asks me about integers again I was stumped thank good ness for google lol. hoping you get some time in this week to relax some as always good chatting with you :0

  16. well i for one have had white Christmas's but can take em or leave them--aww who am i kidding, i would leave them for sure---only like them in pictures or movies--happy new year :)

  17. never heard of sipping chocolate but it sounds good :)

  18. Oh, rats! Blogger ate my comment yesterday.

    Wish I could shovel all that snow I can see up in our mountains into a nice pile and send some to you.

    Teeny marshmallows used to be a favorite treat...I preferred them unbathed, though. No hot chocolate for me.

    Electric here. I know gas cooks better but it still scares me...my mother really influenced my psyche LOL

  19. Hiya Miss Pam. Just wanted to pop in and see how you're doing, If you're bored then you must be OK. Drama isn't boring.

  20. Patrice- I love it. I just found it at Trader Joe’s…or was it Whole Foods? Anyway, it’s delicious! Hey, that’s a great way to look at it- new bloggers!

    Judy- My mood is all over the place isn’t it? LOL Thanks- I’ll take it!

    Stephanie- I don’t drink it like I used to and I don’t use the marshmallows either. But I used to love both. The sipping chocolate is really good though. Intervention involves taking small groups of students who don’t quite qualify for services but need help and try to get them over the hump. It’s my favorite part of my job. We had a gas stove when I was little and I asked my mother every night- before I went to sleep- if the stove had been turned off.

    Rosemary- An herb garden! That’s what I need! And a boat. LOL

    Retired- We’re getting a blasted heat wave around here--- temps in the 70s. I was so hoping for a real winter this year. But I’m still holding out hope- I am not going to give up.

    Hey- Isn’t it though? Nothing is required- just peace and quiet. Ah… And yes, google is THE MAN. LOL

    LP- Then you need to be down here where we rarely if ever get a white anything. LOL

    Madonna- I hadn’t either until I saw it at Trader Joe’s…or maybe it was Whole Foods…anyway, it’s delish!

    Stephanie- Your comment is still there! I’ve had to moderate all comments because some of the anonymous spam ones have been getting through. I hate spam comments. HATE them.

    Michele- I’m here! I saw a couple of things on your facebook page that I like and want to buy! Are y’all up on the website yet?


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