Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chattin' It Up On Tuesady

Today is Tuesday and Patrice always has a nice chat waiting for us on her blog. I almost wasn't going to do it today because I'm pretty full of wanting some vengeance right now. Birdie's car was stolen earlier today. Right from her apartment complex. AND her neighbor is a cop with a cop car parked right there. Those were some brazen thieves. I'm BEGGING Karma to get them ASAP and to let me be a witness to it. And I know I'm not supposed to feel that way. But, hey. It's my kid, so...

Anyway, then I thought, well- maybe a chat on Patrice's porch will ebb my mean feelings a bit. So- here it is:

Everyday Ruralty

  1. What was your favorite game as a child? We played a lot of fun games when I was growing up but my fondest memories are of Freeze Tag. As a matter of fact, I wrote a post about it right HERE
  2. Have you ever had your own business? (home business, a shop, Etsy, lemon-aid stand, etc) Yes. It was a gift basket business but I soon discovered that it was difficult to deal with when there were four little girls around and popular downtown hotels that were slack in their payments. Oh and then there was the whole dealing with Joe Public issue.
  3. How's your spelling? Pretty good but not great. Better than the kids at school. Of course, it IS an elementary school.
  4. How are you about going to the dentist? I use to hate it. I mean HATE it. But it doesn't bother me much anymore. Mostly because we have such a nice dentist now.
  5. Do you enjoy board games? Um, that's a big 'ol YES!!!!!! We play board games all the time when everyone is home. Or if we have a visitor or two. Shoot, we love them and play them a lot! And it gets real crazy around here when we do too! It's great!
 Well, I still hope that Karma takes a big 'ol bite out of the people who stole Birdie's car. But I did enjoy this week's chat!

Your turn!


  1. Oh I am so sorry about the car. I do hope they find it. I always forgot about freeze tag. I loved freeze tag too and everyone always quit before I was ready. I bet game night is fun at your house. It gets so crazy here.
    Very nice answers today.

  2. I LOVED freeze tag - and pump pump pullaway, or whatever it was! and Starlight Moonlight...ah, the fun memories. And board games, except I learned to hate them because my brothers played for blood! (not literally) ;-)

    SO sorry to hear about Birdie's car. She needs to drive an '87 Buick. That will never happen again.

    AND, wanted to let you know that I'm having a 4 HomemadeSoapnSuch Valentine Soap Sachet Giveaway - on now through Friday. Hope you'll stop in at Cranberry Morning and enter. :-)

  3. I used to love freeze tag. I'd forgotten about it. Yay, board games! Now, for the topic of Birdie's car- Wendell is on his way there to kick some bad guy butt. Then he will stop by your place and play board games. He would probably chew on the corner of the boar, so he'll have to lose a turn for that.:)

  4. your answer for the spelling question made me remember something funny. I used to work with a girl and lordy she couldn't spell. She actually went to college and somehow managed to graduate with a degree in teaching. She sent her resume in for a job at an elementary school (spelling mistakes and all) during the interview she tells the principal she has trouble in math. I can't believe he wouldn't hire someone he knew couldn't spell and told him she had problems with math. Before the end of the semester he told her she was the worst teacher ever and she had no business teaching.

  5. I hope they find the scum bag(s) who took Birdie's car. Freeze tag uh? Never played it but it sounds so familiar.

  6. So great to meet you here through the chat!


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