Friday, January 25, 2013


What do you do when you have a bunch of thoughts running around in your brain but can't really make a single post for every thought because they are just random thoughts that don't need to be expanded upon? You stick them all in a post together in the hopes of entertaining your friends.

MAP testing SUCKS. The test is 25 years old and some of the questions make you wonder if they aren't setting the students up for failure. Someone mentioned that we need to change the way we assess students on a daily basis so that will better be able to perform on the test. I mentioned that, while I agree with that point to a degree, considering the high levels of importance they place on the test, perhaps changes should be made. Meanwhile, we continue to MAP test the devil out of our kids. Brilliant. 

Asking your husband how he thinks putting letters on red polka dot circles for a bulletin board will look is a BAD idea.

The glue stick type of glue does a fantastic job of sealing the top of the stick on so tight it's nearly impossible to open. Unfortunately, it doesn't work worth a hoot to hold your project together.

Daytime television SUCKS. Which is a good thing because I spend more time, I mean working on household projects, instead of watching TV.

It's dumb to have first graders as your last class of the day when your patience is running low. You should have them first thing in the morning and have the fifth graders last. One way to solve this problem? Get your friend who teaches fifth grade to send you some students every afternoon to mentor the first graders. Sometimes, I truly am brilliant. :)

Whenever I can't figure out an issue with the Smartboard in my lab, I just ask a 4th grader. Maybe they should be teaching in the computer lab.

There's little difference between having a house full of kids and a house with no kids and one man. Sheesh.

Jimmy Johnson proved that sports announcers are even smarter during the playoffs when he said, "I believe that whoever controls the ball in the second half is gonna win." Profound, Jimmy. Truly profound.

During the Super Bowl, regardless of who they have scheduled to perform at half time, I'd always rather see a marching band like Grambling State University. Always. Marching bands and football were made to go together.

Karma took a big bite out of Matt Ryan's rear. That's what you get, Matt, for telling the Panthers to get the eff off your field this season. Did you tell yourself the same thing when you lost the NFC championship to the 49ers? HA!

Sometimes, where football is involved, I get a little heated.

I was looking all over for 4 files at school this week and just couldn't find them anywhere. You know how you put stuff somewhere and, at the time, it seems like a good idea even though you know you'll never be smart enough to have the idea again so you won't be able to find it when you need it again? Yep. One of those moments. My great idea ended up being that I didn't file the papers after all. Sometimes when I say 'idiot,' I'm referring to myself.

All of my very best ideas and come-backs come AFTER the fact.

One of my favorite sights to see is new fallen snow glistening in the moonlight. Even frost is beautiful that way. I do wish we would have snow this winter.  Or, at least, frost. Deanie got some snow in DC. Breezy got some in NC. I'm jealous.

My stamina and mood have greatly improved after only three days of running this week. Should NEVER have stopped.

And THAT'S what you do with random thoughts that run around in your mind trying to make you crazy.

What's running through your mind?


  1. Well I love what is going through your brain. I could start at the top and we could talk about each one. About the only thing running through mine is what am I am I making for dinner. Everyone has plans and I need to be fixing food right now instead of typing. I really don't want to cook dinner can you tell?
    Have a lovely weekend. I read your comment out loud to my hubby, he laughed almost as hard as I did.

  2. Kim- Hey, dinner is overrated anyway. Guess who cooked mine? Tokyo Bistro. That's right- Lo Mein girl! And the husband went and picked it up. WOOT! We are facing a probable bus strike at school so the hours have been long as we prepare. I'll have a post up about it tomorrow. Stupid bus company.

  3. I love all your school angst,in a good frustrating kind of way. The kids are the best part and the adults muck it all up. Hang in there!

  4. I'm with Farm Girl. Every item on your random list is worth of a discussion. I so totally agree with your come backs, after the fact. I lay awake at night and formulate my comebacks!

  5. Lucy- Isn't that always the way it is? I'm doing it! :)

  6. love it all, everything running through your mind and so glad you came back to visit me!

    i need to meet you sometime and buy you a glass of wine :)

    i wish we had snow too! or even frost, as today it almost, just almost, looked like it could possibly have snowed or frosted. just move the temps down lower and make it rain to turn into snow !

  7. I've been meaning to do a post like this too because I have a lot of thoughts but they're rather simple....I totally agree with the school stuff, crazy uh? I guess I'm going back in 2 weeks. NOt looking forward to all the shenanigans from the adults...

  8. LOL about the glue stick! How true!

    Love the mentoring idea for your first and fifth graders!

    As for the 4 misplaced files ... I do that with stuff all the time - so frustrating!!

  9. Wendell is going to send you some snow!

  10. agree about the sucky TV - it made dropping cable easier to do for us.
    A good marching band would be a nice change for the superbowl. So who will be the winner? Winning ad I mean.

  11. Right now? The Pres is making supper and "it smells delicious"...:)JP

  12. You've just confirmed my are a very interesting person. And I'd share my random thoughts but the box isn't big enough.

  13. Rosemary- One of these days, I convinced, I will have the perfect comeback at just the right time! LOL

    Sandy- I’m up for a glass of wine! Nearly all the time. LOL I noticed the gray clouds yesterday and for a few minutes today- but I never smelled snow in the air. I’m still hoping we’ll get some before all is said and done!

    Alessandra- Wait a second---what’s going on over your way? Are you blogging again? I thought you were taking a break. Where have I been???? Oh. Right. School. LOL
    I’m coming your way to catch up!

    Plum- Isn’t it though??? The mentoring has been working out better than I first thought! It’s been great for both grade levels.

    Patrice- Thank you Wendell!

    Bill- We dropped cable for 25 years. We took it back this summer because I wanted more football access. It was great for that but now, it’s sort of worthless again. I would LOVE to see a marching band out there. Seems to me the ads have not been up to Superbowl par in the last few years. It’ll be interesting to see if they get better this year.

    JP- It wouldn’t smell that way if mine was cooking. LOL

    Stephanie- So, by interesting, do you mean crazy? LOL Oh come on! Share!!!


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