Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ringin' In the New Year

The last night of 2012 was a blast as we celebrated with some friends at their Really Rockin' New Year's Eve Pary/Oyster Roast!

The master of the roaster --- a bit strange seeing someone else doing this besides the husband...

There were oysters---

And more oysters....

And then--- you guessed it! MORE oysters!

DoodleBug (on the right) and friend, J, since they were 2---

Our wonderful hostess and her sweet mother--

Two of my most favorite people in the world---I'm so blessed to be able to work with them--

No party is complete without a little goofing off for the camers---

My DoodleBug---

No, they weren't drinking---

They're just education majors---

Which means they don't mind one bit being silly---

And I mean really silly---

They'll be fantastic teachers!

Especially this one!

Some folks were inside watching the LSU/Clemson game. This is SC people, so they're Clemson fans. And quite pleased with the outcome!

Our hostess and her parents--- They are so SWEET!

Oh yeah, and then there were MORE FREAKING OYSTERS!

And a drinking or shot luge--- WHAT?!

So two people pour your shot down the luge while you wait, open mouthed, at the bottom---

Cah-ray- ZEE!

 But fun!

How did y'all ring in the New Year?


  1. Happy, Happy New Year! We spent it organizing Sheldon's wedding stuff into piles for next WEEK!

  2. I watched a marathon of HGTV House Hunters. It worked for me! :-)

    Happy New Year!

  3. MT- Same to you! Wow, is it NEXT week?! Hope you have time to rest when all is said and done!

    Betty- It was and there were! LOL Sounds like a good time! Happy New Year to y'all!

    CL- Sounds like what we usually do. This is the first year we've gone out anywhere in about 20 years!

  4. Happy New Year! Looks like a great party -- oysters or no oysters!

  5. Hi Pam. Sure looks as if you all had a fantastic time ringing in the new year! Doodlebug is beautiful, but then, you knew that already, didn't you?! I wish you and all your family a very happy, healthy and joyful new year.

  6. What fun!!! That luge thing is a crackup.
    Well, off to take down the Christmas lights outside. :) Have a great day tomorrow.

  7. What a great party. And oysters! You're right - they'll be great teachers.

    I spent the evening with my book, my knitting and when those were finished - the TV. I was just putting in the time until it could be a whole new year. Fresh start.

  8. We had a stay at home New Years...it was nice!...:)JP

  9. Kathleen- It was a blast! Even though I don't eat oysters- wish I did though. Then I wouldn't eat everything else in sight. LOL

    Diane- It was great! I did kind of already know that- :) Did I tell you that she's coming to Europe this summer? She's so excited! Happy New Year!

    Kim- They were so funny with that thing. Luckily, I'm not responsible for the outside lights. My part is done. And I miss the decorations already. Oh well, only 12 months to go.

    Stephanie- We had such fun! Your evening sounds much like ours usually go- at home and quiet. This is the first year we've gone out in about 20 years. We rarely make it to midnight. LOL

    JP- We usually do that too. It was nice to go out for a change though. Especially since it was just to someone's home and not out to a bar or something like that. Plus, they just live in the next neighborhood.

  10. We didn't really do anything special. Kiss at midnight in our apt. Oh, yeah. We like to tear. it. up.

    Except for the oysters (lol), this looks like such a great time!!

    Happy New Year!

  11. Now that looks like a perfect way to ring in the New Year!

  12. Clarinda- That's quite similar to what we usually do. I don't like the oysters either but I do enjoy hosting and attending the roasts!

    Debby- It was great! Thanks!


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