Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The NEVERs And Empty Nesting

I've learned many things about 'never' in my years. For instance, never SAY never.

I've learned THAT about 'never'. Because every time I preface a statement with, "I will never..." I end up saying/doing whatever it was I said I wouldn't.

So I never say that anymore. ;)

There are some nevers in the empty nest. I've got ten for you--
  1. While I have gotten used to the quiet within the empty nest, I NEVER quite enjoy it like I did the noise of raising the lovelies.
  2. I was actually looking forward to being able to clean the house and it staying that way once the nest was empty. That NEVER happens when there's a man still living in the house.Unless you have a man like Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond. :)
  3. No matter how much effort I put into the organizing of all the random stuff that was accuulated over the last quarter of a century, it NEVER gets completely done. NEVER.
  4. Even though the lovelies have moved up and out, their stuff NEVER did.  Apparently, it NEVER will.
  5. When the lovelies come home we have the best time! But I NEVER get used to them leaving again. And again. And again. 
  6. Even though the lovelies are not living here with us, it seems I NEVER stop cooking for all the kids in town. 
  7. Even though the nest is empty, a day NEVER goes by without phone calls and text messages from at least one of them. Most often, it's all four. And this one, in particular, I hope NEVER changes.
  8. Each day, whether the nest is full or empty, I NEVER stop laughing. There really is humor to be found in most situations. Just look for it. And then laugh!
  9. The lovelies are grown up. They're all adults. But the mothering NEVER stops. And I'm glad of that. 
  10. When the lovelies moved out on their own, I was ok with the ones who moved about 15 minutes away. I have NEVER learned to be ok with the ones who are states away. 
There are other NEVERs in an empty nest. I'd love to hear some from y'all! 
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Ok, let's see what y'all came up with for the letter 'N'!


  1. Aw, so sweet! I will think about your NEVERs while I pick up the house, again and yet again, after my three girls :)

  2. JP- Thanks!

    jaybird- You won't be picking up after them for long. I picked up after 4 and I even miss THAT. :)

  3. So bittersweet. I don't think I will ever get used to silence.
    Nor the things you have said.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. Kim- How are the babes in AZ fairing? I got your email but haven't had a chance to respond yet. I'm praying for them (and you)daily.

  5. The mothering never stops..I love that the best!

  6. I get what you're saying. I do love getting texts and or FB messages or Skyping with my girls.

  7. Jen- It certainly doesn't. But I'm glad too!

    Cathy- Yep. It's quite nice still being in the loop, ya know? Thanks!

  8. My mother had a thing with the word NEVER too, I had a bad habit in my youth of PROCLAIMING things and she told me early on to bite my tongue and stop the PROCLAIMING, she was so right :)
    I enjoy it when my two come home too and can relate to a lot of your points.

  9. So true!!!! I remember thinking I cant wait for the house to stay clean more than 2 minutes!! Its amazing how our perspectives change!!

  10. Visiting from the A-Z Challenge
    good post
    and yea never a clean house when man living in it

    Never say Never

  11. Lucy- Yes indeed. Proclaiming things will always come back to bite us. LOL

    Deb- Isn't it though!

    sassy- You got that right. LOL Thanks for stopping by!

  12. You are right about that word NEVER. I was just laughing with my mom about my brother. He was big on the word NEVER. Now there are so many things that he does that he used to say that he would NEVER do. The irony is that he was so vehement in his NEVER statements, and now he is the biggest believer/doer of many of those things. Hahahaha. It cracks me up just thinking about it.

  13. You never ever stop worrying. That's a big one for me - the worry bird. I would probably never text if it weren't for my grown up kids. My son won't often call, but I have text conversations with him at least two or three times a week.

  14. Haven't you heard the saying, 'Covet not your friend Joyce's husband's tidiness.' lol You crack me up. And you never do get used to the kids living far away. :-(( Don't you just love it that they do text and phone. What would we do if we had to rely on smoke signals! And I so agree about the humor. I could never make it through a day without laughing - often at my own stupid mistakes!

  15. I'll never get use to Mike being away but thank God he will only be a bit over two hours away instead of 20 (after next week that is). I love this A-Z Pam. I am reading each and every day.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  16. Hi I am visiting from A to Z. I just love your blog. What a happy place! Great nevers and a real encouragement to me seeing as I have launched two, one nearby and one in another state about to get married. Still have 3 at home. I love that your laughter never stops and your # 7 is one I hope is true for me forever as well. Great post. And what fun to see all your lovelies at the wedding in M as well. So much fun visiting here. God bless, Maria from Delight Directed Living


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