Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer Fun

Saturdays are no different from any other day when it's summer vacay. Except that, maybe, the television choices are worse than the weekdays. 

UNLESS you get lucky enough to go with a friend to Newton Blueberry Farm and pick blueberries! 

My next door neighbors'- the good ones NOT the ones on the OTHER side---family owns the farm.

We headed out around 8:30 thinking we would arrive early and beat the heat. And the other pickers. Which we would have had we not driven right past it and then got all turned around and gone in circles for a minute. Or an hour.

But it was fun! An adventure! And we did actually make it to the farm. Eventually.

Mother Nature was nice enough to send cool breezes our way while we were there---

A few spots were a bit damp. But we just kept on picking.

I discovered that picking blueberries is somewhat labor intensive---

And those people who pay very little money to the migrant workers for their efforts are even more deplorable to me now...

The colors of the blueberries reminded me of my grandmother. She wore those colors so well.

I remembered all those summers that we picked and prepared and canned food. And I remember enjoying every minute of it- even the hard parts.

A Saturday of picking, spending time with a good friend, having an adventure and remembering times spent with my grandmother. Just perfect!

Now I'm off to bake a cobbler and freeze the rest! 

What have y'all been doing today?


  1. Good grief, you have blueberry trees?!?! Whenever we've gone, it's on our knees, picking the berries off of little bushes.
    Your pictures really capture the colors beautifully.
    I think I'll take the kids out this week. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Beautiful blueberry photos! I just want to know one thing - were you surrounded by a cloud of mosquitoes?? I use blueberries a lot, especially in protein shakes. So did you do the 'pick one, eat one' method that I tend to use? lol

  3. The BB's aren't going to be pickable here in Maine for another month or more. When they come on, I'll be picking, baking, eating and storing like mad! Love the rich, delicious glory of the BLUE!

  4. AAHHH I love blueberries!! I used to live with a family that owned a big patch!! Every summer she would pay us to come pick early in the mornings. I usually ate my wages in blueberries as I picked!!!

  5. coop- I remember doing that when I was growing up but, thankfully, it's not like that at this particular farm. I could get down to pick but getting up...I don't know...LOL Y'all have a great time!

    Judy- Thank you! I love them in cobbler. And muffins. And cupcakes. HEY! Do you make a blueberry soap? :) I might have eaten one or two. Or a bucket. LOL

    Rosemary- Maine. How I long to visit Maine! I've been wanting to get up there since I did a project on your lovely state in the 5th grade! Share some of your favorite recipes! I'd love to try some.

    Deb- I turned some of mine into a cobbler yesterday and it was delish! The berries are so sweet and juicy...wait, I need to go get some cobbler...LOL

  6. Ah! Picking blueberries brings back very happy memories. That was my summer job for at least three years before I was old enough to get a 'real' job. It was labor-intensive but us kids had a lot of fun and i think ate as many as we picked. I still love to eat the berries. We freeze about 60 pounds each year.


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