Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hot Chat in the Summertime

I finally finished watching all episodes of 'Fringe'. Now that it's over, I'm not sure it was worth it. The series started off with a bang but then, as a lot of them do, it went off on a wild tangent that left me...wanting. At least I was occupied inside instead of dying in the heat!

And now there's nothing standing in the way of hanging out on the porch with Patrice and the rest of the crew as we chat away!

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Everyday Ruralty

  1. Do you use any type of water filter (pitcher or sink mount)? I don't. Those things just mask any odor in the water, they don't remove unwanted chemicals. I have been researching whole house filters that do remove unwanted chemicals though. Meanwhile, I buy spring water- I also research that to make sure I'm not buying someone's tap water in a bottle. 
  2. Do you have any tips for staying hydrated in the warmer weather? Not really. I just keep my water bottle filled and by my side. Of course, that's year 'round. 
  3. Is your hair naturally curly or straight? It's naturally, in between. I believe the word for it is 'annoying'. 
  4. Are you on top of all the chores/work you do, or are you always running behind? I'm gonna go with 'always running behind'. Because people who know me read this blog and I don't want to get caught in a fib. LOL
  5. If you could sing a song to Wendell, what would it be? Tennessee Stud! 

Have a great Tuesday, y'all!


  1. well at least im not the only one always running behind :-)

  2. My hair is annoyingly in between too!!!

  3. Angel- Nope! Pretty sure that boat is filled to the brim! LOL

    Kim- I just put mine up in a pony tail. Daily. LOL

  4. Just started Fringe last night. Already hooked but I am used to series anymore just doing that. Start off great and then just die.
    I keep a water bottle with me at all times. Great Chat. Stay cool.

  5. We gave up bottled water and now we carry thermos cups with ice and water in it. No more plastic in the recycle box.

  6. Here is my take on Fringe, but it is just my opinion, and has no basis in anything. The show was structurally built around these sci fi "events." It really was a sci fi show and it was fascinating. I loved the whole dual universe concept with Walter's crossing over into the other universe to rescue Peter causing a breach and anomalies in both of them that led to all of the junk where the show began. That was AWESOME. J.J. Abrams, the writer and creative genius behind the show, is amazing.

    However, I think he is very aware of what is going on right now in this world and it bothers him. He sees our Constitutional freedoms disappearing a little bit every day. Our current government looks very much like The Invaders who were here to observe and not interfere. If you had the power at your disposal to try and send a message to the people of the USA that there freedom was at risk (covertly) and you had the medium of television to do it, would you do it? I think he feels such a huge need to do it that the answer is yes.

    It was too big of a left turn for the show. Fringe couldn't handle it. Fringe was about crazy science. It wasn't about the loss of freedom. The network didn't like it, the audience couldn't roll with it. It didn't work. The show was cancelled mid-season.

    So, J.J. Abrams got together with Eric Kripke and rolled out another show on NBC called Revolution. No mad science. It gets straight down to it. Revolution tells the story that J.J. Abrams wanted to tell in Fringe, but it wasn't really the platform, so it failed. He started again. Now he has a winner in Revolution. Anyone who isn't watching that show is missing out. Best thing on TV right now. Hands down.


  7. So fun to read everyone's answers! I have come to the conclusion that we're never happy with our hair! Lol!

    Have a great day! :)

  8. Kim- I'm still sort of glad I watched it. I do find the idea of a parallel universe fascinating. A friend and I discuss it all the time. I guess it's still hot out there? We're still tolerable. Though I do miss days when the highs were in the 60s.

    retired- We don't buy the individual water bottles either. We buy the gallon jugs and bigger when we can find it. I use it to cook with too not just for drinking. I carry a glass water bottle for drinking.

    Robin- I've always entertained the idea of a parallel universe. I have a friend with whom I discuss this quite often. I didn't get the same take that you did. I felt that the characters started losing strength and believability (made up word)though I did enjoy conversations with friends over the whole god complex theme that ran through. Haven't started Revolution yet. Fox, in my opinion, is always cancelling shows right in the freaking middle. Ha!

    Tammy- Yeah, I just pull mine up in a pony tail every day. I got used to that when the lovelies were coming along. No time for hair. Mine anyway. LOL Thanks!

  9. I never could get in to either Fringe or Revolution. I tried watching both, but they didn't grip me enough. I've just about given up on American TV anyway, and mostly watch BBC shows. Doctor Who and Sherlock are my favorites!

  10. Becky- Doctor Who is one I can't get in to. Sherlock either. Though, to be honest, I haven't given Sherlock a fair chance. I know what you mean though. Pickins are slim on tv for sure.

  11. Short, funny and sweet. Things for sharing today. I am enjoying this hop. :)

  12. I'm always behind too, and annoying describes.

  13. Yea, I'll go with annoying for the hair! I have threatened to shave my head. Haven't gone through with it yet!

  14. Loved your answer about being behind. Too funny. :)

    Have a great week!

  15. Boy! Wendell is all full of himself right now! Hey- you should share some of your water research with us. Pleeeeeeez!


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