Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stupid Hot

Happy Tuesday, y'all! I don't know about where you are but it's stupid hot down here. You know- it's so hot that it makes people stupid...stupider- is that even a word? :)

How 'bout we do some chattin' on the porch with Patrice and Wendell?! Because THAT'S the REAL fun about Tuesday!

Everyday Ruralty

  1. Do you have any type of air cleaner in your home? No. When I researched them a few years ago, I discovered that they don't really clean the air. I'm sure they've improved by now. And, if they have, I'd love to have one. Especially at school. 
  2. What do you do with the spare change you accumulate in your car, purse, pockets, etc? I keep it all in a clay bean pot. Not that anything actually accumulates in there. At least not since other people discovered what I keep in that bean pot. Sheesh. 
  3. What's one chore you wish you never had to do again? Clean the house. Any and all of it. I hate cleaning the house. But I have to do it because I get completely stressed out when it's not clean.  
  4. Are you outgoing, quite, shy, reserved, or life of the party? It totally depends on the day and my mood and the event. I probably swing between outgoing and reserved. 
  5. Have you understood your parents more as you've gotten older? No. And that's all I'm saying about that. 
I'm off to visit everyone else on the porch! Patrice says it's been cooler in the mornings where she is. I think I'll consider an immediate move. 

Hope y'all are not having stupid hot weather! 


  1. Oh, if houses would clean themselves!Imagine! Folks getting in your bean pot!!! Read your last post- what fun for a sister to get a goodie box. I went thrift shopping the other day and it was like getting gifts- they had a huge sale. Nobody mails me goodies, but I find them for myself. :)

  2. Oh, I hate cleaning, too, but (like you) hate a dirty house even more. Sigh.

  3. You'll probably disagree with me (many do) but I think the definition of "clean" is very subjective. We have been having below normal temps for a few weeks now. I hate stupid hot weather. Hope you can cool off soon.

  4. Too bad you don't summer over in Wisconsin during your hot months. At 10:48 AM CDT, it's 66 degrees and sunny. Okay, hate me. lol But in a second or two we will have snow on the ground(a slight exaggeration).

    I'm the same way about a clean house. I'm a messy liver but a clean thinker. Must have the house clean or at least orderly in order to think clearly.

  5. People who love to clean are a mystery to me.

    I, too, am ready for fall...

  6. We had a special air cleaner years ago and it really didn't do much at all. My husband put all his loose change in a huge beer bottle he has and when it is full it can have about $500. in it! Me too....I hate housework, end of story.

  7. My husband and I put our spare change in a big Mason jar stashed in the kitchen cupboard, though lately, it spilled over into an adjacent measuring bowl and by the time we counted and cashed it out for paper money, we had more than $200. We took a little trip to escape the Arizona heat for three days and that paid for about half our travel expenses. We always use accumulated spare change for a special treat.

  8. I just love reading your blog! & the comments!

  9. I'm comfortable with a relaxed level of clean, but am married to a neat nik so my house is probably cleaner as a result. He loves to scrub the shower, the stove top, and doesn't mind vacuumming so that helps!


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