Monday, September 30, 2013

The Movie of My Life

Would bore y'all to tears. I'm not even kidding.

I wasn't bored at all. I was quite busy most of my life between growing up, going to college, partying enjoying life, raising four daughters...But, nothing spectacular happened during my years. Nothing that could be considered exciting or eventful or world changing.

Nothing outstanding happened. We simply enjoyed a 'normal' (whatever that means) life. The lovelies came into the world and were loved to pieces. I loved every minute of it. And then, in a split second, it was over.

My life prior to the lovelies might interest some but, for the most part, it would probably shock and appall most. I was more of a wild child than I like to admit. Until I compare it with the husband and his siblings. Then mine seems rather tame. Mild. Conservative.

There's something to be said for normalboringuneventful. I find it comforting. I would rather have it the way it was than to have a dreaded disease hit one of us or a horrible crime affect us or something equally dreadful come along. And I'd like to keep it this way.

It's doubtful that I could have handled most of the things some others have experienced. I just don't do crisis very well. I can handle it fine when it's happening to someone else or at school. But I am not good when it happens at home.

For example, my grandfather passed away 34 years ago. I'm still not over it. Same with my grandmother.

The only exciting parts of the movie of my life might be the scenes that feature my temper. It used to be off the charts. In my defense (read: my excuse), I do get it from my dad AND I usually had to be provoked. Sort of. No worries. It's been under control (for the most part) for YEARS. But it was intense at the time.

And then there's the birth of Birdie that nearly took place on the interstate. That was pretty intense.

And the time I teamed up with the neighbors and scared the crap out of 10 second grade girls by making them think that Bloody Mary showed up at the sleep over. (Honestly--Best. Fun. EVER!).

And the time we had to pull over in the car on the way home from GA to let a tornado pass.

And the time DoodleBug got a stomach bug on the way to my dad's for Thanksgiving and threw up in the car. All. The. Way. Up. There.

And the time Hurricane Hugo came through so we went to my grandmother's house in the upstate and a tree fell on the house.

And the time DoodleBug gave herself a haircut. At the age of 5. While Breezy was babysitting.

And the time Breezy got the fish keychain stuck on her finger. In high school. And the shop teacher had to cut it off.

And the time Birdie thought it would be hilarious to hide from me under a clothes rack in a store when she was 2. Trust me, it wasn't the least bit funny.

I could go on. But y'all get the idea.

Regardless, for the most part, the movie would be dull.

And I'm ok with that.

What would the movie of your life be like?


  1. I would watch the movie of your life. I like all of the things you have remembered here today. Not sure I would have wanted to be there for some of the highlights. It never sounded dull though.
    The movie of my life would be like some kind of a crazy family kind of movie. I think of the families in While You Were Sleeping. Sweet but full of fun and laughter. A lot nutty.

  2. Kim- I would watch yours too! I LOVE that movie! L.O.V.E. It was a pleasant surprise when I saw it. A lot of nutty describes us perfectly! LOL

  3. I laughed through this post Pam. I don't think you have or will ever have a tame boring anything! Would be interesting to put the tale of your four girls and my four boys! In my story one brother gave the other brother the hair cut...looked like he was prepped for a lobotomy...the morning of professional (semi) does Olan Mill qualify as professional family portrait! Keep sharing these tales I love them!

  4. Does't sound remotely boring. I think raising children makes for innate hilarity and tons of mini-crises.

  5. Probably much more 'boring' than your movie! LOL

  6. Without a doubt...Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry! Hahaha At least for my single years. I'm dating myself with that one.

    And I think we could share some good stories don't you?

  7. Sush- Hahahahaha! The worst we had before an Olan Mills sitting was a busted lip. LOL I'll bet our stories are quite similar indeed! :)

    Robin- It really does make for hilarity! And tears. And bad moods. And...LOL

    Terri-I doubt that. You have the story of taking on the kids of someone else. That HAD to be interesting!

    Barb- You crazy thing! LOL I know we could! :)


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