Friday, October 25, 2013

Just Checking In

And fraggin' a little bit about this and that.

The computer situation is still sucky. But, the new one is on its way! Woot! Which means that maybe, just maybe, I'll be back to blogging normal next week. Fingers crossed.

We have a teacher workday on Monday. I took it off. I'm all caught up at school so I'm going to do something I never get to do anymore. I'm going to clean this house this weekend and spend all day Monday enjoying it. Why? Because the two people who live here and refuse to keep anything neat or clean will be at work and will not be here to destroy anything. How ridiculous is it that I have to take a day off just to enjoy a clean house. Sheesh. But I'm not bitter. Wait. Yes I am.

The week was pretty good. My plan for those unruly (but totally lovable) 5th graders seems to be working pretty well so I'm happy about that.

I got our first iPad funded for the lab this week too and that was awesome! We are only $152 away from our second one AND, if anyone wants to donate, your donation will be matched! How cool is that?! Here's the link, you know, just in case:  Talented Techies Need an iPad.

I can't even tell you how excited the kids were about the iPad. I'm hoping to start a mentoring program where 4th and 5th graders team up and help some 1st graders with their math and reading. Of course, there will be so many more positive benefits as well--a sense of responsibility for the 4th and 5th graders, a special bond made for those who truly need to bond with someone---and more. I hope to have 5 iPads by Christmas. That will be enough for 10 students to get started.

Please consider sharing the link with any businesses you know who might consider donating. There will be another opportunity as soon as the current one is funded.

The weather has finally cooled off. I'm able to put on long pants, long sleeved shirts, sweaters and my favorite big, thick, floppy socks! I'm in heaven! I'm also hoping that it's here to stay and that this isn't another cruel tease by Mother Nature.

DoodleBug took a job as an assistant at a private school two weeks ago. Today, they made her the music teacher. She's in the next county so she's making way more than anyone in this county does. And not just because it's private either. It's nice that she has impressed the principal there so much. I've always known she was born to teach and that she was really, really good at it. But it's really awesome to hear and see when others recognize it too. :)

Wedding planning is coming along. But I hope no one is expecting Christmas presents this year.

That's it for now. I hope y'all have a fabulously fall weekend! 


  1. Enjoy your clean house!! Sounds like a good plan!

  2. congrats to your music teacher daughter.
    I-Pads and school - I have more questions than reasonable for a comment section. Hopefully the will hold up to the use and abuse by the kids.

  3. I need to do the same thing...clean house. Encourage me.

  4. I've pretty much the same plans as you for the! And I'm off all next week for mid-term, so yahoo, I will get to enjoy the clean house. Now all I have to do is go clean it!!!Ha!
    Great news on Doodlebug; isn't it lovely when someone outside recognises the talent in your kids?
    I've a LOT of blog catchup to do!

  5. Hope you can get a few hours of clean house enjoyment before life gets back to normal. lol Wait a minute. That sounded terrible, didn't it! I just meant...when those 'messers' return. :-)

    We used to do the 'mentoring' thing when I went to country school in the 1st and 2nd grade. The teacher would have the 7th and 8th graders sit with the younger kids and help them with reading, math, and spelling. I don't think anyone ever called it mentoring then. That's back when the dictionary just had a few pages. LOL

  6. The mentor idea is great, and to use iPads, wow the kids will love that.
    Happy cleaning and have a great day Monday!

  7. I love a clean house! I hate cleaning it, but I do enjoy the finished product. Thankfully I married a neatnik : )

    When is the wedding?

    We've had temps in the 30's in the morning and evening here this week. Winter is definitely on its way! Enjoy your week-hope the Ipads keep rolling in!

  8. I'm over being embarrassed about it but I probably need to take a week off (at least)to clean and organize my house.
    Weddings are ridiculously expensive. We have 4 married kids and still one to go.
    I hope you enjoyed your Monday off.

  9. I do hope you enjoyed your day off today. I'm sorry you get no help keeping the house clean. Shame on them! Hugs XX

  10. My son (senior) is a mentor to to two 6th grades. We have a VERY small school distract and the 6th graders move up to high school in 7th grade. So they choose juniors and seniors to mentor the 6th graders and follow then in 7th grade.
    LOVE it when my kids are recognized for their awesomeness by others!!
    NEW computer!! YEAH, but oh the learning!!!

  11. Terri- Well, it was a good plan. But, they still managed to mess it all up so I cleaned again on Monday. And then, when I came home from school today, it was messed up again. Sigh.

    Bill- Go ahead and ask. Or maybe I should just do a post on what I'm using them for? The kids are very careful with equipment in the computer lab. They have to be or else I kick them out.

    Gail- I wish I could. They just messed it right back up here. I hate this.

    Mimi- I've got a lot of blog catching up to do as well. The computer died but I have a new one now! My clean up job didn't even last a day. They destroyed it.

    Judy- You are so funny! My clean house didn't even last one day. They are just horrible. I told them that, since I can't clean the whole house and keep it that way, I would not be decorating for the holidays. And I am not. So there.

    Nita- They sure do enjoy iPads! They are teaching me! LOL

    Joyce- You are lucky to have a neat freak--and I use the term lovingly. We enjoyed a few cold days but the heat is back. It's supposed to leave again in a few days. And stay gone, I hope. The wedding is May 17! Thanks!

    Doreen- I'm not as embarrassed about it as disgusted. I like a clean, tidy house. This is our second daughter to get married so I know how expensive they can be. Ridiculous, isn't it? Thanks!

    Barb- I had to clean it again. Sigh.

    Deb- I love the whole idea of mentoring. It makes such a difference in the lives of all those involved. The new computer has Windows 8. I am not amused. LOL


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