Monday, November 11, 2013

Positive Rituals

Have y'all adapted any? I finally have, but it wasn't easy.

I've been working on this for a little over a year now and, I have to say, it works pretty well. It does take a lot of effort, determination, desire, motivation, attitude, persistence... Even though it doesn't happen overnight and people do try to get in your way, it's possible to develop positive rituals that keep you focused on the good and help you turn away from the negative. Even those negative people who seem so determined to thwart your efforts for whatever reason.

Here are the things that I've found work for me in most stressful/negative situations-
  • Deep breathing. You might not believe it, but it really does help. It works as a calming effect and allows me to cool down and think straight which enables me to evaluate whether or not the situation is worth my time. Usually, it is not.
  • Forcing a smile. I was shocked to find that this works. Regardless of the situation or my mood or if I'm just suddenly aware that I'm not smiling, I force a smile on my face and I, immediately, feel a difference in the tension. I become relaxed and a feeling of calm/peace/relaxation comes over me. Just by forcing a smile on my face. When you force that smile, the negativity/stress leave and your whole attitude changes. So what if people look at you funny. You're happy. 
  • Stopping and taking a step back. This has been a really hard one for me since I'm one of those who tend to take a step into someone's face. But, when I do it, it does make a difference. It helps me re-evaluate and take a calmer, more positive approach to resolution.
  • Turning my back on the negative. This has been easier than expected. Once you get a taste of how positive feels, you really don't mind turning your back on the negative. No matter who or what causes it. 
  • Laughing when negative comments are flung in my face. This is a work in progress. But I'll tell y'all, if you can do it, it makes you not care who is saying it or what they're saying. 
  • Self pep talks. Yep. I give myself pep talks. As soon as I feel a negative thought coming on, I'll say something like, "Just get through it; You can do it; It's fine/ok." There are times I say things like, "Ignore it, he's an idiot and you know it," but I don't think that's exactly what I'm supposed to be saying. :)
As with everything else, this is a work in progress. The journey is long and hard, at times, but is always worth it. And, I've found, with a few positive rituals in place, I am freed to learn instead of complain; to enjoy instead of hide; to laugh instead of cry...

What are some of your positive rituals? 

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  1. Thank you! All good tips and I'm sure all of can find at least one of them to try. Life changing for many!!

  2. Good post. I guess my biggest tip for staying positive is trying to remember that life here is very short and most of what we worry about is insignificant in light of the bigger picture.

  3. Terri- Thanks! We could all use a life- change every so often.

    Judy- That's a good one. Though it can lead me to trying to figure out how to slow it down. Which leads to frustration. LOL

  4. I definitely need to keep these in mind. I have been trying the deep breaths for a while now and works if I remember.

  5. Jackie- It takes a while to develop the habit. Just keep trying! It'll come eventually.

  6. Definitely smiling and tuning out negative conversations.

  7. Barb- Yep. And that might just keep me from smacking those negative people. LOL

  8. I don't think deep breathing works well if you are in your car or home. But deep breathing in the check out line gets you too much attention.
    The stopping and thinking about it does work well. Just like the old count to ten, you need to think and not just react. Of course as you say it is a work in progress and easier to say than do.
    Good luck


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