Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What a Dumb Idea

I saw a story on the morning news---I can watch it now because IT'S THANKSGIVING BREAK!--- and I have to say that I am not a fan of this whole movement to 'bedazzle' dogs.

Here's the article:

GRAND JUNCTION, CO (KKCO/CNN) - Nail painting, feather extensions, bling and temporary tattoos - some pet owners are choosing to pamper, primp and bedazzle their dogs for the holidays.
Tony Garcia's poodles, Sasha and Niesha, are the queens of his home, and he when he took them to get groomed he decided to take it up a notch for the holidays.
"I worked in Washington, DC, and they had dogs this and that, they had them fixed every which way that you could think," he said.
Melissa Bibeau is the owner and mastermind behind Paw Prints Grooming.
"You can do bling, you can do colors you can do feathers," she said.
She was recently inspired by the east coast trend of putting bedazzling dogs.
"It's just a fun way to express your own creativity on your dog," Bibeau said.
From nail painting, to fur feathers, to bling, her salon can do it all.
"You can do a little something, you can do a lot something," she said.
And who says tattoos are only for people? Temporary pet tattoos put a sparkle in their step.
And highlights? Sure thing, dogs can get those too.
Bibeau's been grooming dogs since she was a teen and one of the best things about making dogs beautiful is being able to make time for her family.
"Great thing about grooming is we can still groom and do other things, go to school, raise kids, raise a family," she said.
All of products used at Paw Prints Grooming are animal safe ,and the designs aren't limited to dogs, she said cats can do it too.
Copyright 2013 KKCO via CNN. All rights reserved.

Are you freaking kidding me???? There are just sometimes when I see or hear or read something and I know, for certain, that people are stupid. (Just click on the pictures to go to the sites of origin). 
And now, dogs know it too.
I've seen happy dogs in my life. These dogs do not have that happy look about them. 
They look more like they're thinking, "You are an idiot and I want to bite you. Hard."
I don't blame them. I want to bite those people myself. 
Good grief. 
People are stupid. So. Very. Stupid.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, y'all! 

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  1. That to me is just crazy! Poor babies going through all that.

    I know a few food pantries, Make a Wish kids, Schools, Orphanages, etc.... that could use the money that these people are wasting!!!

  3. I can't even comment. I'm speechless. Not surprised. Just speechless. Ridiculousness at it's finest.

  4. Hahahahahaha, this is wrong on soooo many levels

  5. I want to sic the ASPCA on those people. I HATE IT when people do those horrid things to animals. People like that shouldn't have pets. period.

  6. That's just pathetic. Animals don't base their feelings for each other or people on looks. (They're WAY ahead of us there) Humans really have beautiful dogs that aren't physically beautiful enough for them? Your pet is a living creature NOT a form of personal expression, jeez!

    I'm going to hug our indoor cats that don't even ave collars because although sparkly gems or a baseball collar might be cute, they don't like collars. Pretty simple. Yeesh!

    Anyway, thanks for pointing out how thankful I am that there are more people laughing or cringing at this than there are people doing it. :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. I can hardly stand when people dress a dog up for Halloween, and that is usually just a sweater or cape and a hat. This is a whole new level of crazy. Pets need to be groomed but it is stressful on them to do so. This is just a whole new level of crazy!

  8. I totally agree.I recently picked Milo up from a grooming appointment and found that they'd put a (black, Halloween) bow in his hair; I did NOT appreciate it.

  9. Debby- That's what I thought!

    Deb- Excellent point!

    Barb- I know. How utterly stupid.

    Kim- Agreed!

    Judy- I totally agree! It seems there should be something in place to stop this.

    Nani- I was wondering how people were reacting to this. I'm also glad to see that most don't seem to appreciate it one bit.

    Confessions- Tucker does have a Panthers jersey. But he does get cold when the temps drop. He's a spoiled low-country pup. :) But I agree that this is a whole new level of crazy!

    Mrs- Oh no! I don't like that either. Tucker's groomer doesn't even put the bandanna on him.


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