Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Don't Care, I'm NOT Buying One

 I've covered awesome factory made toys and fabulous handmade toys. Now it's time for the not so cool. The dumb. The useless.

1. The Gross Pet. First, are you freaking kidding me? Second, seriously. Are you freaking kidding me?

2. Barbie Digital Dress. WTH????

3. Cuddles My Giggly Monkey. Cute, maybe. But, why? Let's not teach kids that keeping wild animals as pets is a good thing. Along with diapering them, etc. These are the kids who will grow up to be dog groomers who decorate their clients.

4. Kid Construction. I get this. I mean putting it together and then coloring it in and then playing with it. BUT, a kid who's old enough to put this together is NOT going to want to play with it. My vote is for a cardboard box, scissors, crayons/markers and their imagination.

Dumptruck 11

5. One Direction singing dolls. Really?

One Direction have been given an autumnal makeover | Sugarscape |

6. What? Moms can't read blue prints? Hello???

7. VIP Pets. Lady Gigi. Nope. Not going to happen.

8. Monster High Dolls. Are they serious?

Monster High Skull Shores 5 Pack

9. Big Hugs Elmo. Why? So parents don't have to entertain, sing to or hug their kids? And then there's the fact that Elmo kind of creeps me out.

15 hot toys of the holiday season

10. They have GOT to be kidding me. Don't we all hope our kids grow up to be on a cleaning crew? I mean, if I HAD to clean for a living, fine. But I would never have tried to lead the lovelies in that direction. But with this toy, we can forget about aspirations. And check out that "Girls Only" label. Jerks.

What do y'all think?


  1. Those are some very poor gifts....I can't believe the cleaning trolley!

  2. Monster High Dolls. Hahahaha. That is just a Sign of The Times. What do you expect when The Walking Dead seems to be the most "happening" show on TV???

  3. I agree with all except Elmo. Elmo is cool! That first one is a doozy!

  4. Ha ha! Funny post, but don't get me started on gender-specific toys like cleaning kits for girls. GRRRRR. That's the reason I hate Toys R Us ..... so sexist. All the girl's aisles are pink and the boy's, blue.

  5. Whoa, what horribly stupid presents. I agree with you, I never would have bought any of these either!

  6. Totally agree!
    no. 8 is so gross, but the sexism in no. 10 is unbelievable, I can't believe they can get away with that nowadays! And your sentiments re the cardboard box are exactly mine too. Some toys are really stupid, others are really creepy!


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