Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Resolve...

...that I won't be changing quite a few things. I know myself too well. I don't make New Year's resolutions because I don't keep them. But there are things about me that just don't change. And I'm ok with that. SO---

In 2014, I will continue to:

  1. Twist my hair when I'm tired. Or sitting still. Or bored. 
  2. Complain about the weather being too hot.
  3. Live here even though I complain about the weather being too hot.
  4. Hate it when people talk on top of each other. And when people interrupt others in the middle of a sentence. Rude. And stupid.
  5. Not understand Snapchat. Or Instagram. Or at least not understand the need for them.
  6. Pick at my cuticles. 
  7. Be disgusted by Miley Cyrus. Unless she grows the hell up PDQ. How proud her parents must be (please note that this sentence is dripping with sarcasm). 
  8. Be disgusted by those who make excuses for their kid's bad behavior.
  9. Be overweight. IF things go like they usually do. IF not, I'll gladly accept the loss. 
  10. Roll my eyes when I read some of the things people post on Facebook. Seriously. NOBODY wants to know that much about another person. Not stuff like that anyway. 
  11. Cringe when I hear someone use bad grammar. "If someone had just tooken the time to buckle up." And that was from a highway patrolman. Sheesh.
  12. Give a snort of derision when the news stations talk about the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year's Day out on Sullivan's Island. Yes, it's for a good cause. Yes, people have fun. BUT: There is NOTHING polar bearish about the weather or the water here on New Year's Day with the lowest water temp since 1995, I believe, being 41. Though it may be just cold enough to shake off the negative effects from the previous night's transgressions. LOL
  13. Want to string up child molesters and animal abusers. And do bad things to them. Really bad. And painful.
  14. Want to move to the coast of Maine and live in a lovely cottage there. Or somewhere similar across the pond. 
  15. Enjoy every moment I get with the family all together.
  16. Love football.
  17. Use bad language when driving. Or watching football. Or listening to some people talk. Or reading. Or watching the news.
  18. Keep hope alive. If I haven't lost it yet, I'm pretty sure I won't. 
  19. Laugh. As much as possible. At anything I can.
  20. Love and appreciate my wonderful friends.
That's my top 20. What's on your list?

Happy New Year, Y'all!


  1. How could I top that? You about nailed everything, I poured out my own tale on my blog. I only try and put one thing on a list. That way I can do it. Last year was just cleaning the cupboard in my bathroom. I did it. :) Maybe I set my sights to low but like you said, you know yourself.
    I hope you have a wonderful happy New Year. Having a wedding, will keep you hopping anyway. :)

  2. Hmmmm...continue to enjoy life no matter what so help me God!...Happy New Year...:)JP

  3. Great post! I resolve to just be ME!


  4. Kim- I can't even keep one thing if I use it as a resolution. It's a mental thing. I guess. And yes! The wedding will keep us hopping for sure!

    JP- Amen!

    Colletta- Thanks! Good one!

  5. Happy New Year, Pam! My only resolution is to be around on blogger a bit more than I managed last year. I think4 months is long enough to recharge the batteries, don't you?

    I hope that you change nothing in 2014. You're such a good read - even if I don't always say so.

  6. At least half of yours could also be mine! I don't make resolutions, either. I'm happy we connected here in 2013! I wish you a great 2014!!

  7. No 19 is my favourite, and I always get a laugh here, even if it's only to realise there are other people like me (nos 1 to 20 lol!)
    Hope you have a brilliant 2014, Pam; I know it will be busy with the wedding, but soooo much fun to be had. No doubt we can join in here!
    Like Stephanie, my one intention is to be around blogger a bit more, I've missed it. I'm going to try nominating 1 day when I will blog, once a week is better than none.

  8. Stephanie- I hope so! I've missed seeing you around here! You're so sweet! Thanks!

    Barb- I love you right back! :)

    Terri- I'm glad too! Looking forward to continuing our friendship!

  9. Mimi- Laughter is the one thing that I would keep if I gave up everything else! Looking forward to seeing more of you in 2014!

  10. Hope your new year is full of lots of laughter :)


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