Saturday, December 14, 2013


Lately, people seem to be throwing the word 'truth' around a lot.

"I'm just telling the truth."

Maybe. But maybe there's a little more to truth than simply telling it.

Sometimes, the truth we hold is not our own to blurt out. Sometimes truth belongs to another person, maybe in the form of a secret, and it simply is not ours to tell. When we share a second or third party truth, we may actually be sharing a lie.

Sometimes, the motivation behind the truth we tell is wrong. Personal frustration, selfishness, hurting others, self-gain, etc... None of these is a good reason for spouting a truth. Checking the motivation behind our actions is always a must.

Sometimes the when of our telling of these truths is off. Timing is important in nearly every situation. The telling of a truth is no exception.

Sometimes the truth that is ours is better left unsaid. Things we might have done in our youth are truths that don't always need to be told for one reason or another. Such as when you meet someone for the first time.

Sometimes, truth has a story. A deeper story that simply cannot be seen on the surface.

Sometimes the hard, cold fact is, we might just be trying to bring someone else down to make ourselves feel better. To relieve our own suffering.

Let me be clear- when this is the case, the suffering one carries will only be worsened by the telling. The messenger will most certainly be shot. Why? Possibly, he/she:

  • didn't check their motivation
  • only had part of the story
  • cares only about their own suffering and not at all about the suffering they may cause

The truth of the matter is that TRUTH can't be fought. It can't be denied. It isn't there to cause hurt. But the people behind the truth? Well, they are a different story altogether. It's people who mess up the truth, one way or another.

What do you find true, about truth?


  1. I think the truth is whatever you believe the truth to be. That it can be disproved at some point, so that 'the truth' is no longer 'the truth' doesn't mean that it wasn't true at one time. Truth is elusive.

  2. I think that truth is an objective truth. 2+2=4, even if we don't want it to. BUT, I so agree with your post in that it's not always wise or kind to blurt out the truth if it will hurt someone. We don't always have to one-up people, but it seems very common to do so in this day. I do believe that the truth will set us free.

  3. I totally agree with what you've said. I've recently had some 'truths' about me spread, and even though they weren't damaging or bad really, they were still bits of private information not meant to be shared -- and now I'm left not trusting the person who shared it ... not a fun situation to be in!

  4. Good post, lots to think about in it.
    The truth can be discussed/viewed logically, legally, philosophically, and even politically. I agree with your point that it can and is misused. One simple way we all learn to misuse it is by only revealing the parts of it that we want to. Skip the whole background and just point out some action taken by someone. That is not using the truth truthfully.

  5. This can be a dicey subject with me...we have family members who just don't tell the whole truth and it irks the you know what out of me! They manipulate for personal gain!...:)JP

  6. Terri- When people spout those kinds of truths and end up hurting others, I really have a problem with them.

    Judy- Yes! One-upping others is just not necessary.

    Plum- Private information is just that- private. Once that trust is violated, it's almost impossible to get it back.

    bill- Agreed. Skipping the parts we don't want to tell is common but can be damaging. Using the truth truthfully- good phrase!

    JP- I've got it here too. Irks it out of me as well. LOL

  7. I like this post... it made me think. I struggle with writing with deeper truth. I WANT to be able to put more out there, because I need to... it's hard though. :) Thanks for posting.

  8. Jessica- Hey girl! You're right. It is hard to put deeper truths out there. Nobody enjoys being judged on their opinions. Well, I don't like being judged on my opinions. LOL Have a Merry Christmas!


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