Friday, December 27, 2013

What It's All About

Christmas, that is. We all know what it's all about- a time to celebrate/acknowledge the birth of the Christ Child. We all also put our own spins on the season. Some have forgotten all about the birth of Jesus. Some have put him on the back burner. Some share the day with Santa. And presents. And family.

I put no stock in the caring of when Christ was actually born. I believe it matters more that we celebrate regardless of the date. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are two of the most wonderful days of the year. But, for me, the best part is the preparation and anticipation that begins the weekend after Thanksgiving.

People who know me, truly know me, are aware of this fact. Which means that there is one person for certain and maybe one more (not really, the lovelies are aware) who are not only aware but spend time in the preparation/anticipation with me. Even one from afar.

When I was a little girl, the preparation for the arrival of Christmas was the most wonderful part of the entire event. There were trees to decorate and parades to see. There were goodies to be baked and eaten. There were gifts to buy and adorn with brightly colored, foil paper and puffy bows and curly ribbons tagged with the names of recipients in cursive (we searched for our own and remembered each and every one from the moment they were carefully placed under the fragrant Douglas Fir until Christmas Day-though remember our multiplication tables we could not). There were relatives to visit and Christmas cards to address and post. There were carols to be sung and pageants to attend. There were parties to attend and stories to be read. There were advent candles to light and Christmas lights to behold. There were Christmas movies to watch and the Charlie Brown Christmas special, of course.

In all honesty, who wouldn't love the weeks leading up to the big day?!

When the lovelies were growing up, I wanted them to experience the pure joy of the preparation and anticipation of the holiday so we decorated trees and attended and participated in the parades. We baked goodies and ate them. We shopped for gifts and adorned them with the brightly colored paper, the bows, the ribbons, the tags ( that were specially labeled with codes yet the lovelies searched for theirs and had no trouble figuring out which was which nor did they have trouble with their multiplication tables). We visited relatives and addressed Christmas cards. We sang carols and attended (and participated in) the pageants. We attended and hosted the parties and we read the stories. We lit the candles and rode around looking at the lights. We watched the Christmas movies and the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

Life, during the weeks before Christmas were busy, yes. But it was a good busy. A busy that revolved around fun, laughter, joy... A busy that reflected that our hearts were full and overflowing with all things good, happy, loving... A busy that pulled us closer together with a bond secured by a love so deep that, no matter how hard they tried, no one could sever. A bond that lasts a lifetime and beyond.

That is the time that makes my Christmas season special. Meaningful. Wonderful.

Now that the lovelies are all grown up, they come to help with some of the preparations when they can. Of course, they are making their own preparatory traditions because this time is special to them as well. And, with an empty nest, I would find myself spending my preparatory time alone were it not for friends. And so my most wonderful friends, who understand my love of this time of year, I thank you. I thank you for your understanding. I thank you for your time. I thank you for your love, your bigger than life hearts, your attention to detail. I thank you for you.

You are truly blessings in my life.


  1. Lovely post, Pam. Things certainly change as our children grow up and make their own plans and traditions, but it's still Christmas. I too really appreciate my wonderful blog friends!

  2. Excellent post. First and foremost is the birth of Jesus....then it's on to the traditions that my own parents taught from your heart. I love the buying, wrapping and baking! Our Christmas Day is always the best ever, each year better than the one before.

  3. That was such a beautiful post Pam and I kmow it was from the heart. Hugs xx

  4. A lovely post!
    Your description of the lead-up, and the preparations, the excitement, is lovely to read.
    It is hard to let our kids off to make their own traditions, and yet we have to, but good friends are wonderful, and it is nice to have time to spend with them.
    Happy New Year to you!


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