Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snowmageddon 2014

I got some! I finally got some snow! It all started Tuesday night with freezing rain which turned to sleet which turned to snow by Wednesday morning. And then there was more sleet. And then some more snow. And a bit more sleet. Our temps never saw 32 degrees. We got stuck in the 20s AND, because it was going down even lower last night----

WE GET A SECOND SNOW DAY TODAY! The bridges are frozen and, since we are coastal and there are bridges about every 10 feet, we are shut down.

Most of you know that this makes me a little bit happy. Or maybe giddy is a better word.

The day started off unlike most days in that Tucker did NOT stare me down to take him out for a walk. Instead, he got cozy--

 I had to stick my head out the door long enough to look around. I found an icy palm with snowy car----

An icy magnolia---

Icy shoes (Eeyore never puts his shoes away)---

Icy chairs----

A neighbor's icy tree---

I put some bird seed out for my feathered friends---

Because this guy looked cold and hungry---

Tucker went out with me but not for long---

Until these guys showed up----

And then, it was on like Donkey Kong---

I wonder if I should have put some Bailey's in the bird bath? It makes good snow cream....

I know it's not what a lot of y'all get every year. But I'll take it since we only get it once every 4 years or so. And snow days? Heck yeah! I don't care that we have to make them up. I think we should have winter off and go to school during the summer anyway. :)

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?


  1. Cool and rainy here, today, and yesterday and predicted for tomorrow. The weekend should be back up in the high 70s again, though. We get hurricane days instead of snow days.

  2. So you did have fun...even though not everyone puts their shoes away...:)JP

  3. I'm happy you managed to get a little bit of snow :) We never got snow, but we got plenty of sleet and ice, which has lasted most of yesterday and today.

  4. Terri- We get hurricane days too-remember Hugo? I don't like those. But I do like snow days. LOL

    JP- Maybe just a little. LOL

    Kathy- Me too! It was so nice. We got it all this time. But that's ok because we had two days off from school. LOL

  5. :((( we've no snow yet.
    Up until last year, we didn't have to make up snow days, but they've changed that now. Don't think we'll get much snow, and if we do, will try to stay open...don't like having school during Easter hols!
    So pleased for you though!

  6. Nice pictures! It makes me cold just looking at them. Stay safe and warm.

  7. Mimi- We had such a nice break and then the weather gave us another one! Mother Nature is my friend. LOL

    Debby- Thanks! We went back to school today. Sigh.


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