Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend List

Lists. I make them all the time. Because I think they'll help me remember stuff or keep me on a schedule or help me adjust to a new schedule. But they don't really. Not all the time. Nevertheless, I keep making the darn things.

My favorite list is Monday Listicles with Stasha at The Good Life. It's Monday and I have the day off so I have a minute to sit down and join in the fun this week!

10 Things to do During the Weekend:

  1. During football season, plant yourself in front of the television and ENJOY.
  2. When football season ends, sit and pout until August when preseason begins.
  3. Take the pup down the nature trail to the marsh. Take the camera. 
  4. If there's a wedding in the family, do wedding planning related stuff. Do it early in the mornings so you can be back home before the games start (college football on Saturdays you know). IF it's not football season, try to drag your depressed self up and don't worry about when you leave or come back.
  5. Do the grocery shopping for the week And some of the cooking. WooHoo. What fun tasks.
  6. If it's raining, do the dance of joy and watch some old movies, read a book, take a nap, play with the pup---anything that suits a rainy day.  
  7. If it's snowing, I'm jealous and don't want to talk to you.
  8. Take the pup over to the beach for a walk or run.
  9. Write some blog posts. Work does tend to get in the way of this.
  10. Go downtown Charleston and take pictures of the tourists. Which is way more fun than you might think. 

Ok, let's hear your weekend activities.

Linking to Monday Listicles!


  1. It's not snowing, it's just cold and miserable. A beach sounds lovely. I do my grocery shopping on the weekend too!

  2. Stacey- I'll take cold and miserable over hot and miserable. Unless, of course, your cold is below zero. LOL

    Debby- Thanks!

  3. It's not snowing today, but the ground is still covered. I'm much rather take our pup to the beach than out in the snow. Wanna' trade locations? lol

  4. Cathy- LOVE to! As long as your lows aren't below zero. LOL

  5. I do my shopping and blogging on the weekends, too! Monday Listicles are the best kind of lists, aren't they?

  6. I like every thing on your list. I especially like the going to the beach part. What a lot of fun things to do.

  7. Clarinda- They sure are! Thanks for stopping by!

    Kim- Thanks! Now get over here and go to the beach with me. :)

  8. Our lows have been below zero this year thanks to the polar vortex. (that's such a great name I might using it all through the summer)
    Of course you have the temperature and then the wind chill. I think wind chill is sorta same as the humidity effect at the other end of the scale. Bodies just don't like wind and humidity. So you probably want the powder stuff in the 20's range (I'm still referring to snow).

  9. Booo for grocery shopping (not my favorite thing, but I do favor eating therefore I must)

    and Yay for beach walks!!!

  10. I miss football when the season ends too. I'm excited this year we have the Olympics to fill some of the space. I am not at all an NBA fan.

    We are bracing for a snow storm today. My bible study has already been cancelled for this morning, and schools are closing early. They say its going to be a doozy!

  11. Seems like there is always housecleaning on the weekends. And I try to spend more time working on my novel. That isn't all that exciting, is it???

  12. bill- I like that "polar vortex" very much. I've never heard it before. Cause down here we always get an overdose of that humidity you mentioned. LOL Snow. How I miss it!

    CLR- Agreed! :)

    Joyce- I heard there was a snow storm coming your way. Hope all is well. We keep hoping for something like that down here but, so far, nope. Not an NBA fan here either.

    Robin- NOVEL? That IS exciting!

  13. I make lists too. I especially like it when I make the list then forget to take it with me when I leave the house. Oh Darn. I always enjoy reading your blog posts. They are entertaining.
    Best, Sharon


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