Saturday, February 22, 2014

What I Discovered

I made a few discoveries at work this week and thought I'd share some with y'all.

I discovered:

  • I am way more patient than I thought. I rediscover this every single time 5th graders come into the lab. 
  • March is going to be a loooong month with zero days off. And 5th graders coming into the lab. 
  • There are some wonderful teachers out there who are cut out to teach 5th grade. I am not one of them.
  • I thought kindergarten teachers had the hardest job at school. I was wrong. It's the teachers of 5th graders.
  • When a 5th grade teacher drops her students off and says to you, "Good luck," that's a red flag and it means, "RUN for you life!"
  • It's disheartening when there is a field trip for 4th and 5th graders and you think they won't be back in time for 5th grade to come to special area but they are. 
  • That thoughts of various uses for duct tape actually DO wander through my mind at times. 
  • 5th graders develop a smart ass attitude during the second semester. It's not pleasant.
  • 5th grade boys will laugh at anything and everything. Regardless. Literally.
  • 5th grade boys are a little bit stupid. Not academically speaking. But in their actions. 
  • Teachers of 5th graders look like they are teachers of 5th graders. So do parents. 
  •  Public school originated by parents of 5th graders. 
  • That I am not afraid to whip out my 'mommy' voice from time to time when 5th graders are present. It can be a lot more authoritative than my 'teacher' voice.
  • I will stoop to saying to a 5th grader, "You realize that I know your mother, right?"
  • Why teachers of 5th graders drink. 
  • Teachers of 5th graders should be allowed to have vodka at school.
  • Xanax should be shared freely and generously with teachers of 5th graders.

It was a four day work week at school. Every single minute lasted for three minutes. Couple that with 5th graders and you have a valid-legitimate-unequivocal reason to take up drinking.

As a matter of fact, they should lock you up if you don't!

What did you discover this week?


  1. Gosh, I guess I can't remember when my kids were in fifth grade. I loved fifth grade so I wonder if we were a handful. I will have to pay special attention.
    What have I learned this week? Having the ability to see is life changing.

  2. Haha. Love the one, 'public school originated with parents of 5th graders.' I totally believe it!! It's only a little over 3 more months, right? (3 WHOLE months????)

  3. You nailed it. I understand why our school district "quarantines" 5th and 6th graders in their own school. I hope those teaches are getting combat pay.

  4. Kim- When I was in 5th grade, we weren't allowed to be a handful. If we were, we got it at school AND at home. Just the threat of that was enough to keep us under control. lol

    Judy- Yep. Three WHOLE months. LOL

    Becky- Oh how I wish we did that. I think it is a wonderful idea!

  5. They ride my bus, 2 hours a day ... each way and there is no where for them to go. It's an interesting feat each day. I do understand.
    I learned a lot this week. Some things I thought we'd moved past and other things that were amazing. My mama worries more about me now that there's just me for them. I think she'll get sick if she doesn't settle down a bit. I posted about Jim that's the not so nice thing. And today ... he's so generous, he says he'll put two wheels on the wheel barrow for me cuz I have lots and lots of coal to move. Isn't he wonderful (that's sarcastic).
    Oh well what goes on this week.
    You need an award Pam for all that you do with these kids. YEAH for teachers!!


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