Friday, March 14, 2014

Control Issues Are EVERYWHERE

Even in yoga. Yep. Yoga. Can y'all believe it????

Some of you know I've been dabbling in mindful mediation for the last 7 weeks. I sort of fore-saw yoga coming into the mix at some point. Not that I fully acknowledged the possibility but I'd be lying if I said the thought never passed through the dark recesses of my mind.

The mindful meditation has been going quite well. I've never been one to want to sit quietly for long periods of time and do nothing. But it's not really doing nothing. It's tuning in.

I tried yoga Sunday for the first time and it was quite enlightening. I now realize that the reason I've always said that yoga makes me angry is this: It makes you calm down; slow down; take a minute; release stress; not be high-strung for a time. Why did the idea of that make me angry? Because I'm used to feeling all those things and they make me feel in control. They are what I'm comfortable with. I know how to act when I'm all tensed up and in high gear. I know how to feel. What to say. How to get things done...

The good news is that I now know this and change can come. And let me tell y'all- the physical feelings of relaxation after only 15 minutes of yoga (for beginners, of course) was incredible. I'm sold.

But not hooked. That's what I'm working on now. Getting hooked. Making it a habit. When I had to stop running due to the Baker's Cyst that the doctor never bothered to tell me NOT to run with, I really didn't pick up anything else. I still walk Tuck every single day, but that's it. So, with the mindful meditation, yoga just seemed to be the next, logical step. Now I have to make it a habit and that requires more than finding the time and putting forth the effort.

I have to give up control of being high-strung.

This is not going to be easy.

Are you high-strung? Have you tried yoga?


  1. No, I'm not high strung. I'm actually pretty calm most of the time. I have not tried yoga, but have several friends who go at least once a week. My knees are my problem. I can't get up off the floor, once I'm down, because kneeling causes extreme pain. I'm happy you have found yoga, though!!

  2. I think your situation is very common in our high-strung world. Unfortunately, too many people aren't willing to change, but instead, try to counteract it with drugs. I think yoga is probably a good idea to calm one down, but also good stretching for the body. It also helps to realize that we can't control the universe, no matter how much we try, and that we're not indispensable. Good for you! Keep up the good work, Pam.

  3. I enjoy yoga. I thought it would be too wacky for me, and sometimes it is : ), but I enjoy the way it makes me slow down and breathe.

  4. Terri- Try going to You Tube and searching Yoga for bad knees. That's what I did. And there are some out there that just involved standing.

    Judy- Control the universe? I can't???? What??? LOL You make excellent points, my friend.

    Joyce- I have a friend who invited me to come to a class. I just laughed and laughed. There's no way I'm doing this in front of people. LOL

  5. I should try I think I will...:)JP

  6. Well, I sort of go way around yoga. I am more like a ox lumbering through the forest rather than a graceful person. I also groan and feel really dumb. So maybe I do get high strung. I don't feel peaceful that is for sure. So maybe we should start our own group. I seem to yell a lot at the T.V. :)

  7. Oh Pam, I just wish....
    I can't seem to concentrate for the meditation and I can't seem to even grasp the beginner yoga. It takes that concentration that I can't seem to get a hold of.
    I am not able to sit and just relax most days. Now tonight I did make a new bracelet and necklace but what I use to be able to just sit and relax and do, it now takes more thought and it's not quite as enjoyable. I'm going to try sewing tomorrow.
    I plan on keep trying to get this mind of mine to settle down. I'm not sure what it's all about but it's something.
    I am proud of you for being able to see and learn and conquer. You go girl.
    Have a blessed weekend. I am taking tomorrow for just me. Well tell I have to fix dinner for guests and my parents.
    Take care my friend!

  8. I have done yoga for many years and it has been really beneficial to me! Keep going!

  9. JP- That's what I'm doing. I might be there a while, but that's ok. It does make a difference.

    Kim- Oh girl. Grace has nothing to do with the way I do yoga. Yet another reason I do it when no one is here to watch. Haha! Let's do start our own group! We'd be so much fun!

    Julie- You need to try that book I used to get started on mindful meditation. It really helped me alot! You can get it on ebay for cheap!

    PKB- I hope I can keep it up! It does make a huge, positive difference!

  10. I LOVE Yoga!!! I cant do half the stuff they do, and I dont do the ooommm ing. I just love the relaxation and the flexibility.

  11. Deb- I'm right there with ya. The relaxation is amazing for sure!

  12. I can't do regular yoga. Even for beginners. I can't get down on the floor or up very well. I just discovered that there's a class for people like me called Chair Yoga for people with impairments. I'm going to check it out in April. It's free and it uses a chair for balance and sitting. So glad you're liking it thus far. Hope you stick with it. Love you!

  13. I love yoga. I'm not sure if people would consider me high-strung or not (and I'm afraid to ask Mr.4444 sitting next to me), but I do find yoga relaxing. A few times, I've become tearful during Savasana. I think the stillness gets us in touch with whatever emotions we are avoiding by keeping so busy all the time. Just my take...


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