Tuesday, March 18, 2014

They Really Ought To Do Away With Those Things

I'm talking about telephones.

In an effort not to use the word 'hate', let me begin by saying that I strongly, with all that is in me and everyone around me, dislike talking on the phone.

Oh, hell. I HATE it. It drives me NUTS. And it's particularly annoying when I see that the person calling me is someone who will keep me on the phone for, at the very least, an hour. WHO the hell needs to talk on the phone that dang long?!

There are only so many hours in a day and, just because they might have nothing better to do than chatter along on the phone, I do.

Besides, about 3 to 5 minutes into the conversation, I'm done. I tune out. I've checked out of the conversation completely. I'm no longer listening. My mind has wandered off in about ten different directions AND, I don't even care what the person has to say. I can not stay focused on one conversation that long. I. Can. NOT.

Texting is beginning to get on my last nerve as well. There are people who want to have lengthy conversations via texting. No. Thank. You. IF it's that involved AND important, then go ahead and give me a 5 minute OR LESS phone call. If paragraphs are required, don't text me or expect me to respond. Just give me a call and keep it short.

I realize that this might come back to haunt me when I'm older and no one has time for me. Then again, I might actually appreciate the peace and quiet. Who knows? Meanwhile, I am not a fan of phones- land lines or cells.

What about y'all?


  1. You and me both!!!! I hate the phone. I love it when people stop in to visit. I'll stop anything I'm doing and make them a cup of coffee. But I feel so stuck, captured, uncomfortable when tethered to the phone for an hour, hour and a half, etc. And I don't understand why anyone likes that. On the other hand, that doesn't apply to people who live far away. I guess I love email because it's convenient for both people. I write it when it's convenient for me and the recipient reads it when it's convenient for them. I know that I'm not interrupting someone in the middle of something.

  2. I do hate talking on the phone for more than just a few quick minutes. I can't get away from it entirely, but I will let some calls go to voicemail rather than pick them up, if I am busy and know the person calling is a talker. I usually don't care what is being said after the first five minutes. BUT - it IS good to hear the voices of loved ones now and then, and I'll put up with 15 minutes to stay in touch with those far away. Doesn't mean I like giving up the time to a phone conversation, but I do like hearing the voices of loved ones.

  3. Just came across your blog. You are a RIOT!! Your girls are gorgeous. Just signed up to be your newest follower. Keep writing.

  4. You make me laugh, Oh my goodness.
    We here is a true story. My land line has it's ringer turned off. Yep, so if you call my house you will get a phone that just rings and rings. No machine or caller ID is hooked up to it. Why do we not just disconnect it? Who knows.
    I have only given out my cell phone to the people who I like. :) It never rings. Unless it is someone I want to talk to. Do I like it this way, I sure do. It has saved me so much time.
    So I do feel your pain.
    You still make me laugh.

  5. I'm with you! I deal with the phone at work all day, so actually become irritated when it rings at home. Then there is the cell phone. Why did I ever get one. Sometimes I want to turn off the telephone and hide from the world, but you can't without getting a message from a freaked out daughter thinking I must have fallen and can't get up. I try to tell her I'm not that old, but she still goes into panic mode. And texting! It takes me at least five minutes to reply with a five word sentence. I prefer emails. lol

  6. Judy- I'm with ya on the email. I also don't mind Facebook messaging. But this other stuff is for the birds. LOL

    Terri- I think I'm too selfish with my time to appreciate hearing the voices of my loved ones on the phone. LOL Seriously, I'd much rather they visit in person. :)

    Katie- SO sweet! Thank you so much and welcome to the world of the wacky empty nester. LOL

    Kim- I'm glad I make you laugh! I enjoy laughing so I really like it when I can make someone do it. We don't even have the land line plugged in. I don't know why we don't disconnect it either.

    Roan- Me too! LOL You are so funny! No matter what we do, the kids will always find us.

  7. LOL, I'm with you! I hate phone conversations. I'd prefer to text, but honestly, lengthy text conversations get on my nerves lately too. I guess that doesn't leave many ways to communicate, lol


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