Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Chatting It Up Again!

I haven't participated in Patrice's wonderful chat in so long and I have missed it so much! I've got to get to the point where I can teach and blog at the same time. Maybe I'm just getting too old- I'm so tired after school I don't want to do anything.

But, summer is here and I am energized and excited to be chatting with y'all again!

Hey, Wendell! How's it going old friend??? I've missed you terribly! Please tell Patrice I think of y'all daily!

Cannot wait to see the pictures of the celebration! I know it's going to be wonderful!

Everyday Ruralty 

The questions:
  1. Do you like lemon-aid? Any special flavors? I do like lemonade. I don't really like it when people 'dress it up' though. I just prefer good, old fashioned lemonade. The best I have ever had was at our family reunions when I was growing up. Gosh that was the most perfect lemonade EVER! 
  2. I'm trying not to use paper goods for this party. How many place settings of silverware(eating utensils) could you come up with? I wish I could borrow some!!!!!!!! Ha! Well, there was a time when I could come up with a place setting for 10, at least. Now that DoodleBug has been back home, I'm missing quite a few pieces. For example, I have exactly 4 spoons now. Good grief. 
  3. Have you ever been to a party in a barn? I have not but I've seen some ideas online that look like tons of fun! 
  4. Do you wear nail polish? I've probably had nail polish on my fingernails twice in my life. I've never really been a 'girly-girl' but more of a tomboy. Plus, I just think nailpolish looks stupid on my fingernails. 
  5. Please finish this sentence. I wish I could get motivated. For anything. I'm being so lazy this summer!
Ok, that's it for now! Can't wait to visit everyone!


  1. I'm not a "girly-girl" either but I'm loving Jamberry Nails! Much easier than having polish, it lasts a lot longer, and they look good on short nails! :)

  2. Mary- I think I really don't like it because it makes my hands look bigger than they already are. LOL

  3. lemonade....I mix an 1/8th glass lemonade with a tall glass of seltzer. Perfect!

  4. Rosemary- When I was a kid I loved half tea/half lemonade. What am I talking about? I STILL love it that way. LOL Might have to try the seltzer!

  5. Nice answers. I don't wear nail polish just because my hands look like a farm laborer hands, oh wait, I am. :)
    I like lemon aid too but my lemons are ripe in January who wants to drink it then.
    I think kids must do something with the silverware. My silverware is rapidly becoming a thing of the past too. Have a lovely day.

  6. Kim- Hahaha! Mine are just too dang big. Right???? What IS the deal with the silverware???? Sheesh.

  7. I enjoyed your answers! I don't wear nail polish often. It looks okay on my hands, but I'm so hard on it, I'm lucky if it lasts a day.

    I'm with you on the lemonade. Don't mess with it.

  8. The motivation bug hasn't hit me either. I'm still waiting. I'm not much for fingernail polish because my fingernails aren't allowed to grow much. I watch/read too many mysteries. BUT I do like Raisin Rage nail polish on my toes :-)


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