Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy Twenty Three!

It's DoodleBug's 23rd birthday today! WooHoo!

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Happy Birthday sweet girl! 


  1. I loved seeing all the photos! You did a great job raising up a fine young woman!! She is beautiful. Happy birthday to your Doodlebug!

  2. I love love the slideshow!! Made me cry to think of how fast they grow up. Why is it that the tiny baby stage lasts forever and all the rest flies by in a few minutes! Happy Birthday to Doodlebug.

  3. Terri- Thanks! She's a sweetie!

    Judy- Thank you! Yeah, I've started doing that with every slideshow. They are little for such a short time.

  4. Happy Birthday DoodleBug.
    I love the pictures!!!

  5. Aw, so fun...I love Smilebox. Happy Birthday to your girl! And now I'll be singing Sugar Sugar for the remainder of the day : )

  6. Joyce- I do too! Thanks for reminding me about it! Sorry about the song getting stuck in your head. At least it's a fun one, eh? LOL

  7. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Did she play the drums for awhile? That would be a tough instrument for parents to listen to the learning phase.

  8. bill- Thanks! She played the drums from 4th grade through college. Luckily, we all love music and we did go into it with our eyes wide open. And it helped that she was a quick study. LOL


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