Monday, July 21, 2014

Saturday Downtown

How does one get a day of total enjoyment during her summer of discontent? She goes downtown to the farmer's market with a dear, wonderful friend! The sun stayed away, which was nice. But the humidity made up for the sun's absence. No matter! We had fun anyway.

I didn't take a single shot of the fruits and veggies. I think that was because I was so busy filling up my biggest canvas bag with so many of them that I could hardly carry it back to the car! But everything was so beautiful!

I also didn't take pictures of the French bakery we stopped by because the lady doesn't like that. Nor did I take pictures of our lunch. But that was because we were hungry and thirsty and I was all about the eating and drinking more than the picture taking.

We saw some performers and I took pictures of them---the break dancers:

And the singers:

And the lone musicians:

The art is always pleasant to view.

Especially when it's local art that has been a part of the culture for well over 100 years:

There are always dogs galore at the farmer's market. (Some of the vendors leave small coolers filled with water for them- which I LOVE! I will favor one of those stands over the others.)

Even those who can't get around like they used to---

But mostly, it's just the conversation, the laughs and the time spent with a friend.

How was your weekend?


  1. That sounds wonderful! I like the dog waterers too. How thoughtful! Can't wait for you to post your recipes and then invite us down for taste testing. :-). ;-)

  2. How fun!! We have a Saturday Farmers' Market, too, and rarely get up in time to go enjoy it. Actually, it runs to 1:00ish, but it is best to get there early. Yours looks bigger than ours. So nice that you had such a good time, and such a good friend to enjoy it with!

  3. Lunch should be about eating, drinking and maybe talking - not picture taking. I consider those foodies as slightly nuts.
    We had a great weekend with a few relatives.


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