Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Exhausted Hodgepodge

Speaking of caught up...I'm not. I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel but I was sadly mistaken. Sigh. I may never get caught up. At least my students are wonderful this year! 

Y'all know what else is wonderful? The Hodgepodge!

1. As August draws to a close, share what's been your favorite weekend of the entire summer? All of them that led to a non-school week. :)

2. Labor Day is marked in the US of A on Monday, September 1st.  What paying job have you held that you've loved the most? Liked the least? The one I have now. I love teaching. I just don't love having to get up and go to a job. I don't have a least favorite. I was a SAHM for over 25 years so I really haven't held that many jobs. The ones I did, I liked at the time. 

3. Does the new school year start before or after Labor Day where you live? When do you think it should begin? There is much discussion now about older students having later start times to their school day...your thoughts? It started on the 21st. I think it should begin AFTER Labor Day like it did when I was a kid.. I agree with the older kids starting their school day later. They do tend to function better with a later start time. Probably because they're up so late studying...Bwahahahahaha....I almost couldn't type that for laughing so hard. But, seriously, I do agree with a later start time for high schoolers. 

4. What's something you've worked at recently that could be deemed a 'labor of love'? Every darn thing I do for those kids at school. And those Mason jar birdfeeders I made for two friends.

5.Which of the following work idioms can you most relate to right now...'A woman's work is never done.', 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.' 'Many hands make light work.' ''All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.' I've been working my...fingers to the bone since the week before school started and I'm not being much fun. I refused to bring anything home yesterday. REFUSED. 

6. Crab or lobster or thanks, but no thanks? Favorite way to have your choice prepared? Neither, really. Though I do like she crab soup and certain crab dips. Otherwise, I turn them both down. 

7. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, 'Three rules of work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.' Which of the three do you consider to be the most important? Share one of your own 'rules of work'. I don't know...they're all pretty good. I guess I would go with the first one because, as soon as I declutter my desk, I shall have simplicity and order and things will go more smoothly AND I will enjoy school much more than I already do. My rules for work? While at work, focus on work and give 110%. Try to listen to understand not to respond. Be patient with everyone but especially with the students. Oh, and learn to say, "NO."

8.  Insert your own random thought here. I think I'm too dang tired to have a random thought.  Yep. Too tired. I mowed half of the backyard yesterday afternoon. The mower ran out of gas  and so did I. I don't think I've quite recovered yet. I'm not at all sure why I decided to go out and mow at 5:00 when it was still 89 degrees out there but I am pretty sure it had something to do with stupidity. 

Have a great rest of the week, y'all! 


  1. The first few weeks of school are especially 'full' for teachers. I know my daughter goes in early, stays late, and brings work home too. God bless teachers! Your answer to #7 reminded me of something I saw posted the other day-'There is a difference between listening and waiting your turn to speak'. So true! Enjoy your day!!

  2. I need to do some decluttering. My problem is that I have a lot of things that don't fit a certain category. I have a friend who told me my problem is that I do think in categories. Instead, I need to look at an object and say, 'Do I need this?'

    I too think a later start time for teens might be a good idea because I don't think any of them are functioning before 11 AM anyway.

    Hope your day is fantastic!

  3. I attempted to mow our yard one time and I cut a huge circle in the middle of the yard by accident. It looked like a spacecraft had landed. Chris never "let" me mow, again...what a heartbreaker...NOT! :)

  4. light at the end of the tunnel - oh beware it could be an oncoming train.
    I bet your lawn looks fine.

  5. My aunt always had crab dip at her house and I really enjoyed it. School should start after Labor Day! Well let's just say that now you only have half to finish......

  6. Joyce- It certainly is crazy the first few weeks. We've all gone a bit nuts up there. One of my good friends walked past the lab and started 'Prancercising' in front of my windows. LOL

    Judy- I would try that but I'm certain I would end up back with the categories. LOL Three day weekend coming up! WooHoo!

    April- Are you sure that wasn't planned? LOL I don't mind cutting it but it was so hot out there. Though now I'm seriously thinking about trying it in circles next time. LOL

    bill- It almost always is a train. LOL At least the dog won't get lost out there now. :)

    Debby- I do enjoy some crab dips but others are not very good. Only half to finish. But no motivation to get it done. LOL

  7. It looks like everyone is in favor of school starting after Labor Day! Too bad the school systems don't agree with us.

    I feel your pain with being exhausted! I still remember how busy and tiring the first couple of weeks of a new school year can be. I can't believe you actually found the energy to attempt mowing the grass :)

  8. I cut our grass once and didn't do it to hubby's satisfaction so I no longer have to do it.

  9. We took care of our yard the first year we were here. Since then, for the last 24 years, we pay a monthly fee and it gets magically done for us every week. Too darn hot all the time down here in Florida. I enjoyed your answers! Thank you for teaching and for loving your job. Bless you!

  10. retired- My hubby doesn't care what it looks like just as long as he doesn't have to cut it. And that goes for everything around here.

    Terri- Magically done. That does sound nice. It's too hot here as well but I have found anyone in the neighborhood that cuts a teenager or something. The lawn maintenance folks want too much money. Thank you for that! I do love it and I hope I'm making a positive difference with some of them at least.


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