Monday, August 25, 2014

The First of Eleven Questions

While trying to make sure I understood how to use NuNatruals Oat Fiber, I ran across 11 Things Every Woman Should Write Down Before The Year Ends on Oprah's website. Don't ask- sometimes my internet searches end up being a lot like my brain activity and no one can understand that.

Anyway, I was curious and decided that I would try to write these down.

Today's post covers the first question: What younger you would like about present you.

I suppose that depends on how much younger me. If we're talking about the elementary me, I would say she likes that I try to be fun/funny in the classroom. Not all the time, but I do try to put some things across with humor and as simply as possible. Why? Because kids remember lessons better when those lessons are presented in a humorous and/or shortandsweet way. If a teacher drones on and on and on and on, the kids have tuned him/her out within minutes. If the material is presented in an upbeat manner with a little humor, some movement and opportunities for discussion, students will be focused for a much longer period of time and they are more likely to actually learn the material as well as apply it.

If we're talking about the middle schoolish years me, I would say she doesn't like anything about me because she's of that age where she doesn't like anything about anyone. Do y'all remember those years?

My high school me would probably like that I was not a strict disciplinarian to the lovelies when they were growing up- even during their teen years. She would like that I listened and understood and put consequences into perspective instead of doling out harsh punishments where they were not needed. For example, when the end result of the action was such that it taught a lesson, that was punishment enough. She would like that I gave each of the lovelies two free cuts from school every school year just in case they needed a break. (Funny, not one of them ever cashed in on those free cuts.)

My young adult self would like that I am teaching and enjoying it instead of sitting at home every day.Though she would want me to go out more in a social way. Because that's what she did all the time. You know, college and all that.

My parenting self would like that I stayed home to raise the lovelies even with all the financial sacrifices.Though she would agree that the time went by too fast.

Ok, I might have gone off on a tangent or two on this one but, y'all get the point.

Now, share what your younger selves would like about the present you.


  1. That is a great post!! How could any of your younger you's not like you?!lol

    Your lovelies reflect all that you have given/shown them in their upbringing and they are still learning and loving. Just look at their smiles in your header picture with you. They know they are lucky lovelies! Lova ya lady!!!

  2. First - I think your answer about your elementary self applies to all ages. Humor goes a long way in making me pay more attention and retaining information!

    My answer would, like you, depend on what age my younger self would be, but (whatever age) I think my younger selves would appreciate that I have stopped worrying and have learned to relax, and that my faith is stronger than ever.

    Looking forward to your question and answer tomorrow!

  3. Sadly, I don't think she would like me at all.

  4. Barb- You're the best! Thanks for always lifting me up! Love you right back!

    Teri- I'm so tired, I can't even remember if I already wrote the next post or not. LOL I used humor a lot with the lovelies. They still appreciate it. thanks!

    Gail- No? Was she a stuffed shirt or something? Cause you're awesome! :) Mailed your book today!

  5. Great post! The younger me would love that I've learned to think and speak for myself. She would also love that I've learned to speak up when something is not right. Most of all she would love the life that she (and I) have made.

  6. What an interesting question and fun post, Pam! I would say that the young me would probably like the fact that I have an easy and ready sense of humor, see the funny side of just about everything, and have lots of good books around.

  7. Vicki- Thanks! That's awesome! I think mine would be glad that I don't fly off the handle at every single thing all the time. Or do I? LOL

    Judy- Thanks! I think the young you would like your photography too! :)


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