Friday, September 26, 2014

A Piece Here, A Piece There

Friday. Finally. Here it is and I'm home and sick. Well, not really sick, per se. It's my allergies. I made myself some hot green tea with honey and brandy to try and stop the incessant coughing but it didn't work. I'm still coughing. I caught a buzz. But I'm still coughing.

Anyway, it's time for some fragments of the week!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It's MAP testing hell at school. That's all I do all day, every day. My classes go to the library instead of computer for the duration. It sucks all around. But I do enjoy the humor that we find within the situation. Like the text messaging between a fifth grade teacher and myself today. I won't share as it was, shall we say...raw. But I was laughing so hard. And that made my day better. Except for the fact that all the laughing made the coughing worse. Sheesh. 

I love sitting with the four-year-olds at dismissal. The conversation is the best.

W: I guess I'm the only siblong here today. 
Me: Looks like it.
W: When will I be 5?
Me: When is your birthday?
W: April eighf.
Me: Well, you'll be 5 on April 8th. One of my daughter's birthday is April 1st.
W: HEY! That's just like mine!
Me: Yep. But she's older than you. She's 27.
W: My brover is 27.
Me: Really? The one we're waiting on right now?
W: Yes.
Me: The one who is in kindergarten?
W: Yes.
Me: Wow. How did he get to be 27?
W: I don't know. He just really likes being 27. 

We've enjoyed a bit of cooler temps this week. But then it warmed back up- only into the high 70s though so that was tolerable. I won't complain. I certainly don't want anything above the 70s ever again. I saw this map posted on a cousin's Facebook page which shows us as 'Slightly Above Normal Snowfall'. That means we will get snow! They better not be playin' with me. 

That's about it. Or that's all I remember from the week. Day after day of testing tends to run together and leave my mind in a state of mush.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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