Friday, September 19, 2014

Tile Fragments

Happy FINALLY Friday! It took so long to get here. It seems I waited for years!

Half-Past Kissin' Time

The week really did seem to take forever while it was going on. Now, not so much. I guess the weekend will be just about the same. Only way shorter and way faster moving. Sigh. 

No sign of fall around here. Unless you call it fall when the temps are in the 80s instead of the 90s. I do not. Summer, I am SICK of you..

But I'm not the least bit sick of Friday Fragments! They're fun even when the weather isn't. 

We've had quite a lot of rain here lately. And the mornings have been a tad nicer for walking Tucker. But not just right. I'm still waiting on 'just right.' How I envy those who live in areas that allow them to delight in seasonal changes. Fall festivals with pumpkins and corn mazes and jars filled with all sorts of homemade goodness. Chilly weather that makes comfy sweaters a must and finds one seeking the warmth of the sun during a long walk. Spice cake baking in the oven and long, slow sips of hot apple cider while reading a good, thick book. Watching college football on Saturdays and NFL on Sundays. How I do love fall.

All of us have afternoon duty every single afternoon at school this year. I am one of three who corral the 4 year olds until their older siblings stop by and pick them up to go to the car line. Let me just say that my afternoon conversations are nothing short of entertaining. 

Deanie and a team from Cooper Cary participated in the COSMO COUTURE 2014 which y'all can read about HERE. Without getting too wordy (because I'm just too dang tired to summarize the thing), it's a benefit for charity--in this case, My Sister's House- involving design centered around a theme. Deanie wore her team's design down the runway.

Here's their design:

Here she is on the runway:

Those shorts weighed at least 20 pounds as they were made out of tiles manufactured by Cooper Cary's sponsor, Mosaic Tile Company.  

Oh the fun some people are having! :)

That's it, y'all! Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


  1. I envy those who have distinct seasonal changes, too. It's hard to get in the mood for 'fall' when it's 80-something degrees!
    Yes, I'm sure you have some delightful conversations with those 4 year olds :)
    That's an interesting outfit Deanie's modeling!

    1. I do too. I'm trying to fly through the weeks until it cools down. And I know I shouldn't be doing that. But it's so HOT. The outfit is made of tile. Each group had to design their outfits using a manufacturer's product. Very interesting indeed! LOL

  2. The 'dress' is amazing, and your daughter is gorgeous (well, all of them are!). This week HAS been twice a long as usual. We were talking about it, leaving the building tonight. It really dragged on and on and on. TGIF, indeed!

    1. Thanks! I have to agree with you about the daughters. LOL I don't know what's up with the week but it did drag. Until it didn't. :) Have a great weekend!

  3. Cool design - how fun!
    I am waiting for fall, too!


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