Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sugary Goodness

I read an article about nostalgic Halloween candy yesterday and wondered if the writer and her Facebook sample were all way younger than I or if we just had WAY different taste in candy as children.

Here's the list with my take:

1. Candy cigarettes. Yeah, I remember those. I also remember not caring too much for them. I actually put those right in the category with those nasty bunnies at Easter. The marshmallow ones? Oh, Peeps. Yuck.

Candy Cigarettes - 1 pack

2. The wax soda pop bottles and the wax lips. I'll give you the wax soda pop bottles, though I remember only eating those because they were in the bag. I sucked up the sugar water and chewed on the wax and then spit it out. Not exciting at all.

3. Homemade popcorn balls. I've never had one. Never. In my life. Never. Honestly. But we never got those in our trick-or-treat bags either, so...  We did, however, get candied apples and caramel covered apples. Now THOSE I LOVED! I would eat them today if I didn't think they'd yank my teeth right out roots and all.


4. Candy buttons. I remember those from the lovelies' youth but not my own. Did we have those way back then? Now Sweet Tarts? Oh Yeah baby! We loved us some Sweet Tarts! Those BIG ones that took a layer of your tongue off? Those were great!

5. Circus peanuts. DIS-GUST-ING. And they were never in my bag on Halloween night. Those things are right up there with Peeps. But Sugar Daddies??? YES! Anything with caramel was always a favorite with this trick-or-treater!

6. Mint Juleps. Never heard of those until I read the article so, nope. But sign me up for some candy corn!

 Candy Corn - Bulk

There are others on my list of worth-going-back candies. But they only listed six so I'll stop there as well.

But I will tell y'all that my all time favorite as a kid were these:

Milk Duds - 1.85 oz box

I'd love to hear your lists!

Pictures are from except for the popcorn balls and caramel apple which you can click to visit those sites.


  1. I'll be blogging about candy on the Monday Memory Meme, remembering our first school....yes, candy fits in, you'll see. BUT, we got popcorn balls, apples, and even nickels (which would buy a big candy bar) when we went Trick-or-Treating (100 years ago). The wax bottles and lips, Milk Duds, Licorice strings, little candy bars, Tootsie Pops. This was back when you knew your neighbors and could trust that there weren't razor blades in apples, or poison on the candies. I wouldn't let my kids go out today, except for the Church's Trunk-or-Treat, perhaps. Kind of sad, what's happened to our neighborhoods.

    1. We're all careful around here too. The only kids who come to my house are kids I know, mostly students. Life was so much simpler and safer then. 100 years ago---LOL

  2. I don't remember ever getting candy cigarettes. The wax bottles - yuck. Also those orange circus peanuts which made me sick. I remember the popcorn balls and they were always good. Wrapped up taffy, caramels, tootsie rolls and the candy corn. Snickers and the small Hershey bars. Those tootsie pops were good and little packets with malted milk balls.

  3. I liked the candy cigarettes and they still make them. I also love Peeps. I still love Sweet Tarts, don't buy them but probably my all time favorite candy ever......and yes Milk Duds are awesome too!


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