Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Memories: My Favorite Teacher

Hey, y'all! Monday which brings us one of my favorite memes and it's all about sharing memories! Y'all know how much I appreciate memories so you can imagine how excited I was to hear of a meme all about writing our memories! 

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Retired Not Tired Memory Monday

This week's prompt is: My Favorite Teacher

Believe it or not, this is probably the hardest post so far for Monday Memories. Why? Because I didn't really ever have a favorite teacher. I never really had that one teacher who sticks out as the one who made all the difference. There was one teacher in high school that I did like very much but I can't even remember her name. She taught government, I think. I can't even remember her name. But I do remember her being nice and nonjudgmental. I also remember her as someone who liked teaching. 

However, I can tell you the names of every outstanding teacher that the lovelies ever had as well as the grade and class each of them taught (Price, Morton, Oulla, Hopkins, Watkins, Brunnick, White, Wright, Woods--just to name a few, the list is quite long.) We're still in touch with most of the these outstanding teachers. 

Throughout their school years the lovelies had teachers who taught them more than information in their books. They taught them to think for themselves. To question. To make discoveries and be creative. They were challenged and encouraged and guided with love, care and patience. 

The influence of these wonderful women on my daughters has lasted through all the years. The solid foundation that they helped lay for the lovelies has been beneficial is many different ways--life lessons, if you will. These amazing teachers remain in touch with the lovelies and check in on them from time to time. 

Perhaps not having had teachers such as these was a good thing. I believe it was a factor as I chose the schools that I felt offered the best of the best teachers for my girls. And it paid off beautifully. 

So, no favorite teacher for me, personally. But, for the lovelies, a long list of wonderful educators who touched all our lives in a positive way. 


  1. This subject was hard for me, too, but because I liked all my teacher (except one). Not one of them really stood out as my "favorite" but several made a difference in my life, especially my music and art teachers. I'm surprised, since you are a teacher, that you don't mention one teacher who influenced your choice of career. Interesting! I'm sure you will make someone's list as their favorite. I have a feeling you are a great teacher, and one who the kids love and respect.

    1. No, no one influenced me in that way. One did for DoodleBug though. I am not a great teacher by any stretch but I do care about the kids. :)

  2. Our Teachers, our Educators play an important part in our lives ..... but we are forever learning and that is what makes life so interesting.

    All the best Jan

    1. Mine taught me that I was not a fan of teachers. Maybe that's why I do it--so I could be different from them? LOL Thanks!

  3. I had some teachers I really liked one always comes to mind Mr Kerr he was my teacher in years 4 and 6 and he was such a lovely man

  4. My own school teachers were also less memorable and I too can give you the names of the teachers that influenced my children. Being trained as a teacher also influenced my judgement in later years.


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