Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday Memories: My First Job

Hey, y'all! Monday which brings us one of my favorite memes and it's all about sharing memories! Y'all know how much I appreciate memories so you can imagine how excited I was to hear of a meme all about writing our memories! 

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Retired Not Tired Memory Monday

This week's prompt is: My First Job

I'm assuming that by, FIRST job, we're not talking about babysitting. Right? What about the first job I had when I actually had to go to a place and do actual work? Or the first job I had when I was no longer in college? Or grad school? Which one????? Argh!!!! LOL

How about a list of first jobs? 

My first job as a teenager was at Carowinds. And it was back in the days when the amusement park first opened. Yes, I am older than the internet and Carowinds. 

All age references aside, the job was fun. I didn't have one of the most glamorous jobs like a friend of mine did. I worked in food service and she worked with the live birds. Yeah, I had one of the peon jobs of the amusement park industry. Not a whole bunch of fun but, there were times, after the park closed at night, that we did have fun running around in there.They actually left it open for us sometimes and we got to do all the fun things that we had to watch others do during the day. That was nice.

The only real job I had in college was an internship in grad school. Nothing more than waiting tables during undergrad as I was quite busy learning how to party and study all at the same time. I would never have been able to a job that required thinking. The internship, however, was a thinking job and I loved it. I conducted therapy with and tested special needs children.

After grad school I decided to flounder a bit just doing a bit of the old table waiting until I figured it all out and that's when I ended up married and having the first lovely which led to the best real job after college- being a SAHM. I can't believe it has an acronym these days. It's like mom's who stay at home and raise they children believe they are the first generation to do so and, therefore, are more special than any other mom during any other time who did the very same thing. Only better. And no, I am not kidding. But that's a whole separate blog post.

I have another outside the home job now. It's my first empty nest job- even though the nest filled back up somewhat, I do still work at my empty nest job which is teaching in the computer lab at an elementary school. It's the same school the lovelies attended when they were growing up.

And that is IT as far as jobs go. When you stay home and raise four daughters, you have many jobs but it's not the same as getting money for going out and working. It's something that you do out of love and fear of letting others raise your kids. Ha! By far, it was the BEST 'job' I ever had.


  1. Being a SAHM was my idea of a real dream job! Sounds like you did a fantastic job with your lovelies! What blessed kids! I have great admiration for SAHMs and the husbands who make it possible.

    1. It was THE dream job. But it's over now. LOL Thanks!

  2. It's so interesting that you bring up SAHM, because when I was a SAHM, back in the day, it didn't have an acronym unless it would have been DUMB, for that's how people treated women who wanted to get out of the job market and take care of their own children. They (we) were pretty much discounted from 'the conversation,' if you know what I mean. I am glad to see that in this day and age, SAHM is given the respect they are due, for that job is intense, difficult, 24/7, but incomparably rewarding.

    Your job at an amusement park sounds quite exotic, compared to my job at a turkey hatchery. :-)

    1. It is intense, but I hate their attitudes these days. And the fact that they do not believe in disciplining their children as the little ones are simply 'expressing themselves.' Right. LOL Exotic? Not hardly. But the turkey hatchery, now that sounds interesting!

  3. I think families lucky enough to have a SAHM are blessed indeed! It is the most important job any woman can do. Your girls were (are) blessed to have you!

    1. It was a blessing. But the attitudes they have these days drive me NUTS! There's an arrogance attached that I never saw back then. Go figure.

  4. I was lucky enough to stay at home for 12 years with my children and after I went back to work I was much more appreciative of having had the opportunity. Hope to see you next week for the next prompt.

  5. It was great, staying home with the kids, wasn't it? I loved it. And I am definitely more appreciative of that fact now that I'm working. :)


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