Sunday, April 12, 2015

Boomerang Kids, Part 3: The First 10 Things You Notice

Almost immediately after your empty nest is stormed trooped by someone returning to the nest, there are immediate, noticeable, annoying, eye-opening changes that occur. Though I do have to say that, when the second one moves in, the first one who moved back will step up to the plate. Which will make a HUGE difference.

Here are my top 10:

1. Your child has experienced a dramatic loss of hearing while she was out in the world on her own. You know this is true because the television blares at a volume level that has people on the other side of town calling you and asking you to turn down your volume.

2. Your child had a maid come in while she was living on her own. You know this is true because she never washes a dish. She never picks up anything in her room. She never cleans her room or bathroom. Everything is left for the maid. I had no idea my child was making that kind of money. Good to know, however, since she will be continuing to pay a maid while living here because, I AM OVER IT.

3. Your child still expects you to be in charge of the cooking. And grocery shopping. And cleaning up after the cooking. Oh, and paying for the groceries.

4. No one has a stress level except you. Messes, loud noises, people sitting around while you're working yourself to death to get everything done---only bothers you.

5. Privacy only applies to the boomerang kids. They do not have to respect your privacy even though you respect theirs.

6. They watch the stupidest things on television. And they take charge of the television.

7. Even after all their activities growing up and living on their own for at least a few years, they have turned into sloths. Lazy sloths.

8. This adjustment period is going to take way longer than adjusting to the empty nest. Which you miss like crazy. However, the one who moves in first will, seriously, step up to the plate and alleviate a good deal of your stress. Which is more helpful than you may believe. 

9. The amount of laughter you experience on a daily basis far outweighs the negatives. Most of the time.

10. No matter what, you cannot bring yourself to kick them to the curb.

As with everything in life, you just have to learn to laugh your way through it. :)


  1. I enjoyed your list, and especially #9 and #10.

    1. Thanks! Things are getting easier. Thankfully. ;)

  2. This list is positively true! (however there is no laughter here and she has her own TV)

    1. We've got to get you some laughter over there. And quick!

  3. Oh yeah this is so true, often we are laughing at the stupid things they did behind their backs or is that just me I am glad all my girls are out and not coming back well I hope they will not be coming back

    1. Yeah, I thought mine weren't coming back either, so...LOL

  4. At least you have the laughter and the love that keeps you from strangling them! Lol.


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