Friday, May 15, 2015

Chainsaw On A Stick

Yep. You read that right. There is such a thing as a chainsaw on a pole. And I got one for Mother's Day.

Some of you may remember the fact that I am having fifty fits/day over the limbs in the oaks that NEED to be taken down. You may also remember that getting the father of the lovelies to do anything around the house is, virutally, impossible. I've been told that, if I want them cut, I should go out there and cut them.

Right. A couple of issues.

First, I've never cut limbs.

Second, I'm terrified of chainsaws.

I'm one of those people who avoids all things that I foresee as causing harm. And pain. I'm not a fan of pain. Never have been.

But then, while watching my addiction channel (HGTV), I saw Chip Gaines (Fixer Upper is my absolute favorite) trimming tree limbs with a chainsaw that was attached to a pole. WHAT?! I had NO IDEA they made chainsaws like that.

So I wanted one. My thought process is this: if that chainsaw is far enough away from my face, I won't chop my head off. AND, I can get those dead limbs down and have some stress relief. Worth it.

And so, friends, my second Mother's Day gift was one of these:

I took to the front yard Monday evening to give it a test drive. It. Was. AWESOME.

It's empowering to be a chainsaw usin', limb removal mama taking on a job that she no longer has to wait on someone to get around to it. If this keeps up, I can easily purge myself of a living thing or two as well as the junk in the house. Just sayin'.

All this power and the limb removal is fantastic but, there's an even better use that I never even thought of when dreaming of owning a chainsaw on a stick.

It may very well make an extremely effective neighbor repellant tool. WHAT?! Yes indeed. Remember those sisters of Satan across the street and the drunks on one side? Well, they had better watch out now. I will not only be sitting on my front porch in my new rocker, but I'll also be enjoying running people off who try to steal my porch sittin' time.

I'm serious about my porch. I've written about it and, now that's it finally cleared off, I plan to do some major rocking out there. In peace.

Do I recommend getting a chainsaw on a stick? Hell to the Y.E.S.

Did y'all know about these?


  1. Uh, no, I'd never heard of the chainsaw on a stick, but it does sound handy. I can see you sittin' out on your rocker with the chainsaw in your lap, ready to rev it up whenever one of the undesirables happens by. Oh yeah.

    1. It is AWESOME! I've been cutting dead limbs like a crazy person. AND, should a pesky neighbor happen by...LOL

  2. Never heard of one but sounds like a great idea!

    1. It is a great idea! And I am LOVING it! The neighbors better watch out though. LOL

  3. We had one for years when we lived in a house with a garden!

    1. I love mine! I don't know how I've lived without one all these years! AND, it deters pesky neighbors. Win-Win! LOL

  4. We had one for years when we lived in a house with a garden!

  5. I do wish I could borrow Chip and Jo! This would be my favorite toy.

    1. They are my favorites on HGTV! I like her style and their interaction with one another. I also like my chainsaw on a stick. BTW- my irises bloomed! They were lovely!


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