Monday, November 2, 2015

I Am NOT Stressing

I'm not. I am not. I really am NOT stressing. I mean, why would I? I live in a tiny house with three other grown people who are the messiest humans I've ever known who swear they don't keep messes on purpose (I promise it's the mess, not the people who stress me out); we're still having summer-like temperatures even though it's well into my favorite time of year and the temps should be way cooler; the holidays are fast approaching and I am not motivated to do much since my house is a wreck and overcrowded plus I am not eating carbs and that's making the menu interesting; I teach in an elementary school that is controlled by a county filled with...let's just say, control freaks who lack certain smarts, and leave it at that; I am still in need of a vehicle.

So, yeah. Why in the world would I be stressed?

How, when life is not going the way you hoped it would at this point in your life, can we possibly find some peace? A bit of calm? Enjoy a moment of relaxation?

Here are 12 ways I take it down a notch:

  1. I get up earlier than everyone, walk the dog, take a nice shower and enjoy my coffee in peace.
  2. I keep my journal going on a daily basis. Some days that poor thing gets a lashing but, at least I get it out of my system. For a minute. 
  3. I keep the wine in a hidden spot. It's mine and I am NOT sharing. I do NOT I feel bad about that. 
  4. I buy new glassware and flatware. Since most of mine are MIA but no one has any in their rooms, I have purchased new ones. They are boxed and hidden away until I have my house back, bu it's nice knowing that I have them. 
  5. I talk to friends with sympathetic ears. 
  6. I recite my daily mantra: It's not worth the jail time. It's not worth the jail time. It's not worth the jail time...
  7. I put on my earbuds and crank up my music. 
  8. I lie down and try to nap or deep breathe or something. Basically, this is just removing myself from the situation. It does help. Momentarily. Longer than a moment if I get the wine out. 
  9. Recognize and try to get rid of those pesky expectations that make life so much more difficult than it needs to be. 
  10. Turn my focus to a project. This helps take my mind off the stressful things and keeps me occupied for a while. 
  11. I draw. I've started drawing some mandalas and a few other creative designs. It's almost like doodling and it does have a soothing effect on me. 
  12. I look out the window or sit on the deck on windy days and watch the trees dance in the wind. Very soothing thing to do. 
Those are some techniques I've found helpful in reducing my stress, even if it's just for a little while. What are some of your modus operandi for reducing stress? 


  1. Those are all good tips, Pam. My stress levels are usually very low. I just refuse to let things get to me anymore. It takes practice, but I do my best to let worry and stress go. I just don't accept it. Doesn't mean it won't sneak in now and then....

    1. I can let a lot go too, but it's not that easy when the stressors are living right under your nose. Otherwise, I'm good at not stressing. I was afraid I'd give myself a heart attack if I didn't learn to chill. But, like I said, when it's right here...

  2. Haha. Love the mantra. Keep it up. :-) And I think the #1 is the most brilliant idea. Get up early to get some exercise with Tucker and some wonderful ALONE time before the stressors awaken. :-)

    1. I will. LOL I do enjoy my early mornings. The quiet alone is worth it. How nice if I had it all day long like I used to though. Sigh.

  3. I feel your pain. Living with an artist who does his own prints and framing, this house is always a disaster. Some days it gets to me and sitting outdoors early in the morning, meditating, listening to birds, really does help with the stress. BREATHE! Hugs . xx

  4. I have always liked to get up before everyone else it is a bit of me time have done so since I was a teenager, I also write in my diary each night

  5. I love this post. That was my old life. Now it's just me and the dog. Oh, and wine that's all mine

  6. Have you tried any of the grown up coloring books. I'm a fan. I put a lot into my blog, but still reserve some thoughts for my journal. I have a line I try not to cross on my blog : )

  7. I can relate to this post and those are great suggestions. ((Hugs))


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