Friday, January 1, 2016

Find the Hidden Message

Some of you may remember that I took the family to the mountains for Christmas this year. Wait, last year. Sheesh. Here we go with the confusion of what year it is for the next three or four months.

Anyway, the Christmas that passed so quickly by just last week is the one that landed us in the mountains. How's that? Ha!

Our little cabin was the same one in which the lovelies and I spent the last year of 2014. You can read all about it right here, here, and here. Good grief, did it really take THREE posts for that vacation? Maybe so, since I hadn't actually had a vacation in nearly thirty years. Sigh.

Christmas was nice in the cabin except for the weather which was summer-like and the tremendous amount of work that was required to pull off Christmas in an unfamiliar place. I had no idea that was going to be the case. Lesson learned. Go to the cabin AFTER the holidays. Or make other people get in there and help.

Two things to mention here:
1. The amount of photos in this post are ridiculous.
2. There is a hidden message somewhere in this post. If you think you've found it, mention it in the comments. Those who get it right will be entered to win a special gift! 

The first order of business was to find a Christmas tree farm and secure a tree for the cabin. Check.

Tucker quite enjoyed this part of the vacation. So many trees, so little time. 

The oldest and the youngest of the lovelies. And Tucker. Wanting to get to that tree instead of smiling for the camera.
We may have also found a bakery and secured some sugary goodness in the shape of Christmas cookies. 

These were tasty! I know because I ate one. Ok, two. Fine! Three. 
Deanie and DrummerBoy made it the next day from Nashville. 

And the games ensued once my dad and step-mom arrived the day after that. Seriously, this family cannot get together without playing games. The hilarity is off the charts! 

We played a new-to-us game. It's like the Chinese Gift Exchange but, inside three of the gifts, there are hidden gift cards. No one knows where the gift cards are hidden but each gift has been tampered with to add to the confusion. This game turned out to be hilarious too!

That's Dad. He unwrapped a pregnancy test. Which was hilarious on several levels, not the least of which is the fact that we have a pregnant lovely this year. Last year? Now. 

The Dogs:

 DrummerBoy brought his doggies too. Which meant, between the three furballs, that no humans had a place to sit. There may be thirty pounds between them and, yet. they need that much space. Go figure.
Our dogs might be a little spoiled.

Dad discovered that Rocky will howl if you howl. So, Dad howled. And Rocky howled. And then the rest of us howled. 
The Gifts:

We are a Panthers' family, after all.

This gift was tagged: To the two who live with me. They thought it was their eviction notice. Wish I had thought of that.

Don't worry girls, it's not an eviction notice. BTW, the ornaments on the tree were made once we got to the cabin. I was afraid mine would be broken if we traveled with them.We used pine cones and acorns, wrapping paper and Kraft paper. Whatever we could find, it went on the tree.  
The Food: 

Christmas Morning brunch. 

I forgot to take pictures of how the food grew once more Christmas visitors arrive. 


Santa brought presents and stockings for everyone! 

Tucker shared since someone didn't bring stockings for their dogs...shame, shame.

Don't worry. The pups all had stomachs full of stocking treats!

The MIA: 

These two had to go to a state far away for Christmas this year. I've heard that it's only fair. Whatever, But, hey! That just means we get the baby the first year! What?!
These two are giving the best gift of all! They aren't just having a baby, they're having my very first grandchild! Which, by the way, is a GIRL!
Mother Nature: 

Even though the weather failed to cooperate, Mother Nature did deliver with her mountain beauty:

Christmas morning view from the deck. 

Christmas Eve view from the deck. 

Even the fog was lovely. Because everything is better in the mountains.  

We saw the sun a couple of times. I don't mind the rain, though. 

And there were Christmas colors right beside the upstairs deck.

I even saw DEER!

Our fun, old-fashioned family Christmas was not thwarted by weather that was entirely too warm for December. Our laughter and time together along with the great views provided by Mother Nature made everything just fine. 

Did you find the secret message? If not, try again. It's not labeled, but it should be easy. If you did, or when you do, leave it in the comments! 


  1. Are you saying there are 2 now?

  2. So now there will be 5 lovelies - mazel tov!

  3. Love love love all the photos.
    A baby changes everything doesn't it????
    Congrats on the precious little girl coming this year.

  4. A girl. A beautiful new love! I am so excited for you. And yes, That means you get the babys first Christmas.

    1. Yes! I'm so happy! I know girls. LOL Hope you are well, my friend. And that you are enjoying a wonderful New Year's Day! Oh, and you're entered! :)

  5. Message: Christmas is full of love and laughter and it's a girl!

  6. Ok I get that it is a girl, girls are pretty and baby girls we can dress up so pretty, just saying. Also I am tired too damn tired to think of something to say in way of a good comment so instead I will say I hope your Christmas rocked and the New Yeah was a happy one as was mine

    1. Yes, it's a girl! Though the daughter who is having the baby is NOT prissy so, no pink and lace and frills for this one. Which is fine with me because I've been a tomboy my entire life. :) Our Christmas did rock and the New Year will be awesome since there's a baby coming. Otherwise, it would suck like the last one did. Ha! Glad you had a good holiday season! I'm entering you in the gift giveaway!

  7. It's a girl....

    Catching up with the blogs I missed while we were away! Loved seeing all the photos and hearing about your Christmas!

    1. Hey! Yes! I'm so glad too! I know girls. Wouldn't have a clue what to do with a boy. LOL When will y'all be down here? It was June, yes? If it's June 11, I would love for you to come to the Grandmother's shower! :)

  8. A cabin in the woods for Christmas sounds lovely. Your pictures are beautiful. And congrats on being a grandma, that's wonderful! I can hardly wait to be one myself, but my kids aren't quite ready yet.

    1. It was a lovely time! Except for the hot weather. :) Entering that exclusive Grandmother club is a most wonderful feeling for sure!

  9. Happy, happy holidays to you Pam :) Looks like you all had an amazing celebration in the woods... you posted some seriously great pics! Also, Congratulations on New Baby Girl Lovely!!! How exciting!! Guess what?? I am right there with you, if you can believe it! (our lives are weirdly similar I think) My daughter is due the second week of June - MY first grandbaby. Such a good and exciting year ahead! 2016 is looking great so far!

    1. WooHoo! That is awesome! Ours is due July 13! These first grands are so exciting, aren't they? I can hardly wait. I've already begun planning the Grandmother baby shower. LOL Hope you are well! I think of you often! Keep in touch! Hugs! Happy New Year!


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