Monday, March 7, 2016

Dang, I Forgot to go to the Gym Today

exercise, funny quotesWhich makes ten years in a row. Ba-dum-tss. (Or however you write a rimshot.)

The question on my mind is: would y'all rather workout alone, with a friend, or in a class at the gym?

I prefer to workout alone. Wait, does the dog count? Because he's with me every time. 

When I was younger, I mostly worked out alone though I would, on occasion, workout with a friend or in a class. I did not mind working out with a group, but it was exhausting. You see, I suffer from being competitive. In everything. So, when I worked out with a group, all my moves had to be just right and I had to last through each different exercise even though I was dying. This would have been a positive thing except the end result was, for the most part, me quitting. I can only keep up giving 110% in an exercise class for so long and then, it's over. Working to be better than everyone else takes its toll and takes it speedy quick. Forget about fitness. Forget about weight loss. I never just went to class to enjoy the company and social interaction with others. I went to kick their asses. And I am quite sure I was not the only one. 

I am much better suited to working out alone. I can listen to music or not. I can go hard or not. I can choose my own time of day without waiting for someone else. I can use a program or video or not. I can mute the instructor on a video. I am in complete control and that's the way I like it. The downside of working alone? I can't think of one single negative thing about working out alone. I'm self-motivated, so I don't need a class for that. I prefer the great outdoors to being stuck inside smelling other people's sweat. I prefer not to hear others pant and huff and puff. I can't stand it when someone tries to carry on a conversation during a workout- intense or not. Listening to an instructor count the number of times I have to kick or crunch drives me batty. I don't need to have a juice bar to visit after a workout. I do not appreciate fancy, expensive workout clothes. Best of all, I don't have to watch some 80 year old man out run me on the treadmill. 

Given the choice of working out with others or alone, I'm going to chose alone every time. 

How about y'all?



  1. I like to work out alone when I work out not that I do work out I do however, go for a walk each morning and I go alone don't like people with me

    1. Yeah, people can ruin a perfectly good walk. Or run. Or workout. Or watching tv. LOL

  2. Alone. Definitely alone. I can go at my own pace and stop when I want. No pressure! And I hate gyms and just do my thing at home...when I do it.

  3. I am not one for big classes, but I did love my bootcamp in NJ. We rotated in groups of four though, so that made it feel cozy, and the trainers were the absolute best. They pushed, but in an encouraging way that made you want to work harder. I like to walk with headphones so unaccompanied is my preference. I like a partner in the gym, beside me doing their own thing though, not competing with me.

  4. Alone. And no one else knows that I'm not working out when I am alone. (giggle)

  5. Well for some they enjoy the fun of the large class, whilst others tend to go it alone.
    My view is however you exercise enjoy it. Keep active for as long as you can - it all helps, especially the older we get.

    All the best Jan


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