Friday, July 22, 2016

Palmetto Cheese and a Cute Baby

I have no idea how I've lived in the south my whole life and never tried PALMETTO CHEESE before this past July 4th when someone brought it to my house. Have I been living under the proverbial rock?

I finally found this treasure and purchased not one but TWO containers so when one has been gobbled up and we're working on the second one, I know it's time to buy another. Or two. Or FIVE.

Step one: bakery bread and butter for grilled Palmetto cheese sammies! Pimento cheese doesn't truly pass the test of delectable until it passes the grilled sandwich test.

That is not a finger mark in the cheese. It isn't. Nope. It might be. Ok, it is. I couldn't resist. Once that container was opened, I simply could not help myself. I chose the original flavor since, as some of you know, I tend towards a bland palette. The original flavor does have a slight kick to it the likes of which most of you would be like, "What kick?" To me, it's a kick.

It spread nice and thick on the bread. Why bother to make grilled pimento cheese sammies if you don't spread it on THICK? What a waste!

Into the pan with some tasty organic, unsalted butter. Because without butter (or mayo) it is NOT a grilled anything.

Within minutes, we were ready to give Palmetto Cheese the grilled sandwich taste test. The results? They were

But my favorite way to consume mass quantities of Palmetto Cheese is with potato chips or crackers, especially when I heat it up! Right out of the fridge is just as good, though. And so isstraight out of the container on my finger.

I wonder if this sweet girl will love pimento cheese?

Were y'all wondering how I'd incorporate a picture of Baby M in this post? LOL

And now, friends, I am in need of all your favorite recipes involving pimento cheese. Many thanks!


  1. I grew up eating pimento cheese and ham salad sandwiches. The IGA in our little Ohio town made their own pimento cheese and ham salad. They were both DELICIOUS! We would put the pimento cheese on one slice of bread and the ham salad on the other. Slap them together and bite into a little bit of heaven. Even better with crushed potato chips in the middle! Sure wish I had the recipe they used way back then because what we get at Publix is just not the same. I need to look for Palmetto Cheese now and have already added it to my grocery list. ONe of these days (sooner than you want) Baby M will love helping you lick that finger full of Palmetto Cheese! :) You don't need an excuse to post pictures of your precious granddaughter, Pam! Post away!

    1. Oh, yes! Potato chips crushed in the middle of a sandwich was the BOMB! Haha! We did that with just about every sandwich we ate. Now I've got to get some chips and make a sandwich. LOL I thought I was quite clever putting her in like that. :)

  2. My family loves Palmetto Cheese, too! I think the original has a kick! My family - not so much - I buy two containers - one original and one with jalapenos (for them!).

    1. I have not even considered the jalapeno choice. But I suppose the family would love it. It's hard to get anything hot enough for those crazy people. LOL

  3. I've never had it. Guess I better try it out!


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