Friday, July 29, 2016

Debris Blower

While celebrating DoodleBug's birthday Sunday, we found a notice on the front door handle.

Right. So all plans for Monday went out that door because I didn't want that stuff all over the car and the driveway or tracked into the house (and no one else living here pays attention to this sort of thing) especially after reading #7:

I cancelled my Monday plans and sat there waiting for these fools to do their thing. Because I am overly cautious when it comes to my dog and my kids, no matter how old they are. And then there's the new grandlove. :)

7:00-9:30: Crickets.

9:30- 10:30: Still crickets.

10:30-11:30: Even the crickets are over it.

12:11: Finally, they arrived. But all that happened was this guy walked up and down the culdesac blowing all debris into people's front yards. Thanks, dude.

12:20-2:15ish: The crickets return.

Around 2:30 the truck came. It took him all of 20 minutes to do his thing.

Mostly, they sat at the entrance to our culdesac and well, sat.

 And then, they left.

Until the next day when they came back and did a little sweep of the road. And upset everyone's dogs. Again.

To test my patience, Tucker. I spent Monday waiting for people to come and resurface the road. When they FINALLY showed up, there were there for less than one hour.

And now? Now there's a mess all over the roads in the neighborhood and out onto the main road. I guess it's time to wait for it to 'weather' off. Ha!

Some people are walking their dogs on the stuff, but I'm not. I know it's not that big a deal, but it messed with my day and is still affecting what we do and don't do. And I don't like my routine interrupted.

Plus, someone is going to have to clean the debris out of the front yard. Ha!

No matter now because guess who's coming tonight? These two!

Yep, everyone will be here this weekend! All four lovelies and their loves! And Baby M will experience her first full family gathering!

Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. If you can't take pictures with BabyM in your arms, please, please, please make sure someone is taking pictures!! And then be sure to blog about it all week long....with pictures!! :)

    Grrrrr to the city crews who mess up our lives, but at least they did show up eventually. Had it been here, it might have been three days later.

    1. Hahahaha! Everyone will be here this weekend so there will be plenty of pictures! :)

      Why in the world they had to have to go through all that and for what? I don't believe a word about it being eco-friendly or necessary for longevity of the roads. And it's still a mess out there.

  2. Road maintenance is a tough road to follow.
    (if that makes any sense to anyone great, if not, move along)

  3. Those kind of projects always drive me crazy!!! Hope your weekend is going great and everyone is enjoying themselves.

  4. You know what annoys me having my routine interrupted just saying, this short fat middle aged woman is set in her

    Road maintenance is important but can be so frustrating at times we want it done we don't want to be put out when it is done


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