Friday, August 5, 2016

August Happiness Challenge: Music, Alone Time, and Traveling Ornaments

It's Day 5 of the August Happiness Challenge! I'm going to add Days 6 and 7 here too. If you want to join in, create an icon of something, anything, that makes you happy, post your 'happy', and head over to One Gal's Musing and let her know, in the comments, that you're on board! That's it!

Day 5: Music makes me happy! No matter my mood of the moment, music can uplift me even more, relax the stress, drown the blues, calm the anger, make my workouts more effective... Music is magic to my soul. I can live without many things but music is not one of them.

In honor of music and the joy it brings into my life, I leave y'all with The Wild Feathers (y'all knew it was coming) new music video. I'm not sure who that Gus Black is but he did a fantastic job on the video. He also has some very nice stills of the boys. Like this one that I got from the Friends Who Like the Wild Feathers Facebook page (let me know if you want to be included and I'll add you):

Here you go:

Aren't they wonderful?!

 Day 6: Alone time makes me happy. Heck, it nearly makes me happy on a level akin to delirium. Alone time was a major adjustment for me when the nest first emptied out but, once I got used to it, I cherished it. I coveted it. I guarded it with a loaded weapon. Not really. But I was protective. Now that other people are living here with me and someone has retired, I do not get enough alone time. And I don't like that. But when I do get it, I am quite the happy camper!

Found somewhere on Pinterest...

Ok, Day 7: Christmas ornaments brought to me from loved ones who travel make me happy. I have enough now to decorate a 5 ft tree now! I LOVE my traveling ornaments. I've got them all boxed up right now because, July...but I have these that were brought in since Christmas that I will share:

This one is from the trip to Harry Potter World that Daughter 3 and her hubby took this spring. The lovelies are all about Harry Potter. And their mother has never seen a movie nor read a book. I just can't get interested in Harry. But I have Harry Potter ornaments on my traveling ornament tree. LOL 

The lovely Daughter 2 brought these back from Brazil this summer when she went for a friend's wedding. 

DrummerBoy brought this back for me while they were on tour. This is from Texas. I was so excited that they saw the Marfa lights and, apparently, Terlingua is host to a Ghost Town! I might need to rethink visiting Texas. I do enjoy such things as the Marfa Lights and ghost towns. During the day, of course.  

What's making you happy this weekend?


  1. Love your happy post. First of all, how nice is it to see ornaments during a hot and humid August. Thank you.

    I have a feeling you may see "music" and "alone time" mentioned some day this month in MY happy posts.

    Glad you're on board.

    1. Thank you! I'm really enjoying finding something that makes me happy every day. I've even started my grateful journal again. :) I love seeing the ornaments too. I felt like turning the AC way down and putting on a sweater. Ha! Looking forward to the rest of the month!

  2. I also enjoy my alone time, but it's always a treat to get together with our kids. Their birthdays are three years and one week apart, so we spent back-to-back Saturday nights together. I was so darned thrilled that they wanted to be with us, that I would have to put it at the top of my happy list! I can tell you'll have no trouble completing this challenge!


    1. It really is great to have everyone together. It becomes harder and harder as time goes on. I'm lucky, so far, that only one of them lives far-ish away and she comes home as much as she can. Back-to-back weekends would be a dream come true! :) Thank you!

  3. What are Marfa Lights? I'm going to have to look that one up. Maybe we can see them some day, too. :)

    I love your ornaments, all of them, but most especially the train. We love trains in this household. The lizard is so cute and colorful.

    That is a sweet, happy, family photo. The baby/babies in your Instagram feed is/are adorable. :)

    Have a beautiful day!

    1. The Marfa lights are ghost lights. I saw a segment on Sunday Morning a couple of years ago and have been fascinated with them since. The boys got to go and they saw the lights! It's a cool story. Maybe they'll let me blog about it. My son-in-law loves trains. I'm terrified of them. That's a long story. :) The baby is my very first grandchild! She's such a love! And, one month old today! Thanks!


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