Friday, August 19, 2016

Catching up with Happy

This post is going to cover 4 days of the August Happiness Challenge, again. If you want to join in, create an icon of something, anything, that makes you happy, post your 'happy', and head over to One Gal's Musing and let her know, in the comments, that you're on board! That's it!

I was going to keep up with blogging since I'm not at school this year but life has a way of making you out to be a liar. I'm the lone stranger on the nursery project for Baby M at my house and that has been going rather slowly. Snail's pace is speedy quick compared to my pace with this room. It didn't help that I got sick. And, of course, Baby M is already coming over in the afternoons and there's nothing more important than watching her smile and sleep. Anyway---

Day 18: Hiring a guy to paint anything from now on will make me happy. Hell, way more than happy. Ecstatic. I have now added windows and trim to the list of things I shall never paint again. Ceilings are already on the list. I freaking hate painting. 

Day 19: Football makes me happy! Even preseason! Y'all might already know that about me.

Day 20: Caramel latte with an extra shot makes me happy! And bouncy. Especially when they accidentally put in TWO extra shots. Sheesh. Didn't speed up the painting process, though. 

Day 21: Friends who are beyond generous with baby clothes, strollers, cribs, toys--I have the BEST friends on the planet-- make me happy! Y'all are so AWESOME! Thank you a million! No, a gazillion! 

Ok, get your happy on and tell me about it in the comments! :)


  1. We don't paint anymore. Gave it up when we found someone who paints for a living with a big builder, and paints "on the side" too. He did two bedrooms, two coats of paint and didn't have to tape anything, in four hours. Would have taken me two days for one room. He charged $300 and got us his discount at Sherwin Williams for buying the paint. Never again. I've been bad at combining my happy posts with my regular posts.

    1. I will not do this again. I'll hire a guy or the rooms will stay as they are. This is ridiculous. Does your guy travel? LOL Claudia, DD2, gets discounts on everything, as a designer, but it was Sunday and we had to settle for Lowe's. UGH.

  2. Too much neck and shoulder pain after painting. We painted (many times if you count the primer and coats of paint) the whole indoors of this house way back when it was built. We got money knocked off from the builder but know I wonder if it was just a great deal.
    I've two of our daughters really "get into" the whole painting rooms thing. It almost seems like a phase they go through.

    1. All I'm saying is next time, I'm paying a guy. LOL

    2. All I'm saying is next time, I'm paying a guy. LOL


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