Sunday, September 25, 2016

Changes are Coming Soon!

UPDATE: it will be late tonight or first thing tomorrow before the new look appears! :)

I've been considering a face-lift for Empty Nest for some time now because...I needed a change. Something bright, cheery, inviting, uplifting...
Here's a hint.

I struggled, I admit that. I'm not usually one who embraces change unless it's needed. This one is needed. I also struggled with how to find someone who could do this for me because I am not creative, which should be abundantly clear. :)

I finally found Lori at Imagination Designs and we've been working on the new design (well, she's been doing the working) since August. There are a gazillion questions to be asked and decisions to be made. As new as I am to this whole blog design thing and how utterly indecisive I am about making decisions when it comes to design, this could have been pure torture on my very soul. Not with Lori at the helm, however. 

Lori knew the questions to ask and, when I floundered around, she knew how to get me back on track. Her patience level is off the charts because there were times when I was sure she was going to have some choice words for me. She never did. :)

Ok, y'all. Stay tuned because on Monday, you'll see a change right here on Empty Nest. 


  1. Looking forward to your new look!! I will miss this one though with all your lovelies in the banner!

    1. Here it is! Tell me your honest opinion. I needed a happier look to match my grandma mood. :)

  2. Change IS hard. I give you credit. I've needed to change mine for a while, but I can't make myself do it. Too worried about messing the whole thing up. Looking forward to your new design.

    1. That was another reason I wanted to pay someone. They know what they're doing and I don't. LOL

  3. I love it!!! I've been contemplating hiring someone to redo my blog, but I am too cheap to do it - did it cost a lot of money?!


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