Wednesday, October 5, 2016

What do Babies and Grandmas Have To Do With Halloween Costumes?

Halloween is this month and I've already been thinking about a costume for Baby M. No matter that her parents probably already have something in mind. She'll be at my house that day and I can dress her in whatever I...wait. What's that? I said I wasn't going to be THAT grandma? I lied.

I took straight to the internet because that's the land of all creative ideas, right? I mean, do we really have original ideas anymore? Ha! Anyway, I found a couple of interesting, maybe cute-ish ideas in the way of store-bought costumes (just click on the pictures if you want the links):

The first one is a onesie but a cute onesie. A little ghost onesie!

I doubt I would have thought to put the baby in a costume that incorporated the carrier! See? I'm not creative at all but the internet provides. 

The funniest thing about the next costume is that they think a baby is going to sit there in that headpiece without ripping it off immediately. Still, a cute costume and practical if you're lucky enough to live where it gets cold on Halloween. 

The next two are also store-bought but they're here because I know Baby M's dad would buy them and take her out trick-or-treating twice so everyone could see both costumes. He's kind of a space nerd.

Personalized Astronaut Costume for Baby
But her mother would prefer something of this sort because she's sort of a book nerd:

Image result for hobbit costumes for babies

Or this:

Image result for lord of the rings costumes for babies

I don't know if I like this next one for the costume or because that kid was having such a blast! How stinkin' cute?
Superman Costume

Ok, drum roll please:   I've saved my very favorites for the last:

TOO cute for words. I know, I know. They aren't going to sit there and keep those wigs and glasses on, but they're just the CUTEST: 

I don't know why but this just struck me as hilarious and tres adorbs!

I love this one except for the swaddling thing. I hate the idea of swaddling. But I think that's due to having a bit of claustrophobia. I also like that the costume does not have Subway on it like one I saw. That's just not appropriate anymore. 

My mom, Mimi to the lovelies, always made costumes for my girls. Every year until well, I'm going with college because they were still getting her to make some during high school. They make their own now unless they can't figure it out. Then they call Mimi and she rises to the occasion.

I found a couple of examples:

There were many more but putting my hands on anything right now is not happening. I really wanted y'all to see the pumpkin one that Birdie (now a mom herself) wore three years in a row. She's already asked Mimi to make one of the same for Baby M. In three different sizes so she can wear it three years in a row instead of squeezing into the same one for three years. Birdie wouldn't let Mimi make another one. She just wanted the one she made originally. Yes, I'm pretty sure it's in the attic. :)

Y'all can probably tell the costumes were handmade. Mimi loved making these for the lovelies and they loved wearing them! She also made seasonal/holiday sweatshirts and tees depending on the weather. Not to mention their prom dresses, Christmas and Easter dresses, and Breezy's wedding gown. She still makes shirts for DoodleBug because when you teach first grade you love that stuff. Mimi's quite the talent, for sure.

What were some of your kids or grandloves favorite Halloween costumes?

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  1. What fun!!! The most fun costume story I have is one my mom made for niece Sara when Sara was around three years old. Mom made her a buckeye costume (Ohio State Buckeyes), but Sara wanted a pumpkin costume. We just told Sara that it was an Ohio State Buckeye Pumpkin and she was happy! My mom (like yours) was a wonderful seamstress and crafter. Those memories are so wonderful and your girls are so blessed!!

    1. Hahahaha! I LOVE OHIO STATE! I pull for them every Saturday and have since I was a wee little girl. That's such a cute story. :) Stay safe!

  2. I loved dressing up for Halloween! My favorite was when my Mom dressed me as a hobo - basically my Dad's baggy clothes with suspenders to hold them up and the bottom of a broom stick that she tied a stuffed bandana on the end. Then she put vaseline on my face and put coffee grounds on it to make it look like I had a beard and mustache - only problem is that I couldn't eat any candy when I was out because I was afraid to get coffee grounds in my mouth!

    1. I did too but we wore those itchy costumes with the plastic masks that you couldn't see or breathe out of. LOL I love the hobo idea! And who knew about the Vaseline and coffee grounds???? Genius!

  3. Oh so cute, we don't do Halloween here well some people do but not me

    1. The girls loved Halloween when they were growing up. Actually, they still love it! LOL We're excited to have a little one around to dress up!

  4. Those costumes are so darn cute! That ICE ICE BABY is adorable.

  5. I thought so too! I'm really hoping they'll do the Ice Ice Baby one. :) Thanks!


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