Monday, January 2, 2017

A House of Fun?

Yeppers. It was right here. Until everyone left. But we did do fun right until then.

There was the New Year's Eve oyster roast where we had a cute baby and two dogs who love her to pieces. She loves them, too.

We had presents. Baby M loves receiving gifts. As soon as she stops being fascinated by the ceiling fan.

Not yet...

Now she loves it!

I mean she REALLY loves it! Thank you, Mrs. Wright!

We had inside food for the 2 of us who will not eat nasty things like oysters--- and we shared with those who do like nasty things like oysters.

There was football and those who dressed for their team:

Baby M LOVES her Tigers! Of the Clemson variety, of course. :)

There were oysters and people to eat them:

There was photo bombing:

There were those who we miss daily because they live too far away:

There were the usual goofballs:

Making their usual goofball faces at the camera:

You know, I see all the pictures of people's adult kids sitting and smiling nicely for the camera and there's nothing wrong with that. Except all their pictures look the same. I wouldn't trade these goobers and their crazy expressions when I get the camera out for anything in the world. This is representative of our family and I love it! Even Baby M is learning. :)

There was a New Year's Eve Oyster Roast Mannequin Challenge (y'all, this was fun but the videos are dark and we had movement in the second matter, we loved it anyway);

And the New Year's Day brunch at which I took ZERO pictures of the food because, hunger. BUT we had: crab pie, she crab soup, hoppin' john, collards, and cornbread. Oh, and all the leftovers from the oyster roast. We're all fat now. Even the skinny ones of us. Ha!

We had great-grandparents:

This was my favorite:

And now, it's over. I'm fighting off the doldrums.

I'm determined to keep my focus on the fun together time we shared over the last week to keep those nasty doldrums at bay. But it isn't easy. My heart is full but there is a bit of sadness from the emptiness of the house. Yes, I shed some tears when everyone left. I always do. I can't stand goodbye but oh! how I LOVE hellos! Luckily, there is work to be done and an adorable baby to love. AND, there are TWO birthdays this week! That should lift my spirits a bit. As long as I don't remember the number attached to the second birthday of the week which is mine. Ha!

Have a wonderful week, y'all!


  1. As we grew up, scattered and multiplied Mom had a party once a month to celebrate all the birthdays for that month.

    1. That's a great idea! I'd have them home 5 months out of the year! :)

  2. What a great time you all had. Pam, the photos show happy and love. That's what it's all about! Happy New Year!!

    1. We sure did! And I agree- happy and love! I sure was feeling it. :) Thank you! Happy New Year!

  3. What a great time!!! So glad you took pictures. It is always hard isn't it.
    I forgot your birthday is coming up. I hope its a great one.
    Awesome you got your 10,000 steps today.
    Have a great Tuesday!

    1. I got those 10,000 steps just on that day. Haven't even gotten close since. UGH. I need to do better. We had such fun once everyone arrived. Before that, it really was hard. Thanks!

  4. A babies smile warms the heart, well it warms my heart


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