Monday, January 9, 2017

Why Jane Pauley Isn't Cutting it on CBS Sunday Morning

When I heard Charles Osgood was leaving CBS Sunday Morning, I was sad. When I heard Jane Pauley would be the one to replace Osgood, I was horrified. She can't. She wouldn't. But, she did. Now, the program I have loved since college, that I have followed from Charles Kuralt to Charles Osgood, that has helped me ease into my Sunday mornings which is important because it's the last day of the weekend, is ruined.

Uncle Charlie (as we called Kuralt) and Charles Osgood made us feel welcomed almost like we were most wanted guests in their homes every Sunday morning. They seemed to appreciate and enjoy the stories they introduced. They were comfortable and made us feel the same way. It was the perfect way to ease into a relaxing Sunday morning. Not so much now.

Am I disappointed they chose a woman to replace Osgood? Of course not. Gender makes no difference. It's the presentation. The voice. The way it's done. They did it right. She does not.

I was not going to watch Sunday Morning anymore when she took the helm. I may have even sworn I wasn't going to. But then I thought, why let her ruin something that's been such a huge part of my weekly vigils since the late 70s? So, I sit with my remote muting the television every time she's talking. It was working out ok because the stories have continued to be interesting and even uplifting. But then, Christmas came around and she crossed the line.

Some of you might know that on the Sunday closest to Christmas every year, Charles Osgood plays the piano and sings to us. I look forward to this every single year and was hoping beyond hope that he would be allowed to come back to sing for us this past Christmas. He did. But she was there. And she stood beside the piano. I thought to myself, surely she won't sing with him when suddenly, horror of horrors! she did it. She chimed in. And it was awful.

I'm not going to sit here and claim that Charles Osgood has the best singing voice in the world. He does not. But he sang to us and it was like our beloved grandfather was back from the beyond and we were delighted to see him. It was HIS thing. It was probably the last time we'll ever have the opportunity to experience this wonderful Christmas gift and she ruined it. It's like she couldn't keep her mouth shut for two minutes.

Ok, why do I think Jane Pauley is not cutting it as host of CBS Sunday Morning?

  • Her voice. Pauley does not have a calm, soft, inviting voice. Kuralt and Osgood did. Martha Teichner does. Many people do. Pauley does not. Nothing about her voice makes me feel calm, relaxed, or soothed in any way. 
  • She looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. Her face and tone of voice scream, to me, "Look at me! I've taken this job from Charles Osgood and this show is MINE!"
  • She presents in such a way that makes me feel she thinks the program is about her. It's not. It's about the stories. 
  • She joined in with Charles Osgood this last Christmas. Singing a Christmas song to the viewers IS NOT HER THING.
  • She gives the impression that the journalists presenting the stories are beneath her. 
  • She gives off an air of undeserved greatness.
  • It seems as though she's never watched Sunday Morning and has no idea what the program is all about. 
Ok, let me say I do not dislike Jane Pauley. She simply is not a good fit for this particular program. Kuralt and Osgood were welcome and welcoming. She is not. 

I'm not sad they decided to put a woman in as host. I'm sad they chose Jane. There are so many other programs in which she would be nothing less than perfect. Sunday Morning is not that program.

I will continue to mute the television, for now. I hope that I won't lose my favorite Sunday morning activity, especially now that football season is nearly over.

But I am sick and tired and frustrated as hell with the way network bosses yank people out of their positions and throw them out like yesterday's news.

Who would I have considered for taking Osgood's place? Well, first, I wouldn't have thrown him out. If he was ready to retire, I would have considered, among others, Harry Smith (who CBS threw out but NBC picked up), Martha Teichner, perhaps, Nancy Giles...shoot, Oprah could have done it.

Just putting a name people know in a position is not always the best policy. In a program such as Sunday Morning, it's a look and a voice. Not a name. Pauley is a name.

Note to trolls (there are 2 of you: Thanks so much for the hilarious comments. I do so love to laugh!


  1. Well, I can tell you that Joe and I were horrified at their choice too because we can't stand her either, but we do love Sunday Morning. Because we always DVR it, we can fast forward through her and the commercials. Makes it a little more bearable. Way back when the two Charlies traded places, we were really sad to learn that Kuralt was quite the ladies man and cheated on his wife with other women during his bus tours around the country. We embraced Osgood and were sad to see him go. I'll take Pauley over Oprah any day, however. Can't stand her anymore.

    1. That's a great idea! I had no idea about Charles Kuralt. That is sad. I love Osgood and always looked forward to his singing on or near Christmas. I went through the same thing with Oprah but I'm back now. I don't know why, but for a while I couldn't stand her anymore either.

  2. Oh gosh Pam I am so sorry. Its hard when they give a show you loved to someone else to host. I hope she doesn't stay around very long. Or you find someone else. :)

    1. I feel sure she'll be there for the next 20 years. There have only been two hosts before her and the show started in the 70s. It's such a great program- lots of stories about the arts! I expect some of your family members will be on there at some point. :)

  3. Isn't it funny how viewers get attached to TV hosts? Years ago I watched CNBC way too much and thought Erin Burnett was the best. She moved to CNN and I dropped cable. Not because of that but to save $$. It didn't take long to forget about her. She was just a personality on TV.

    1. I've forgotten more than I remember for sure. But when you've watch something since college, and if college was a million years ago, it sticks with you. Pauley is just a personality on TV. Kuralt and Osgood had way more to offer and they should have replaced Osgood as well as they did Kuralt. Do I sound bitter? LOL

  4. We love our familiarity. Something we can always count on to be good and then poof! Someone goes and messes up perfect.
    Hopefully, it gets better.


  5. I'm watching my DVR of Sunday Morning. I have always loved this show and it's format. I decided to Google 'Jane Pauley has ruined Sunday Morning' and I found this post. Yay, I am not alone!!! It's her tone of voice, the cadence, her awful hair and her altered face which looks like she is storing nuts. I can hardly stand it.

    1. Thank you! YES! I am getting pretty good at tuning her out but I find I don't tune into the show much anymore. There are so many other women they could have chosen if they just wanted to go with a female.

  6. I still cling to hope that they find someone ELSE other than Jane Pauley.

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