Friday, March 24, 2017

Embracing the Moments

I've been following Katie at Heading Home for a while now because of my curiosity about Five Minute Friday and I LOVE her last name. I have no idea whether I pronounce it correctly or not but it's a cool last name. Yes, I know my mind errs on the side of lunacy.

Anyway... Five Minute Friday seems like fun. Katie gives a prompt, you set a timer and write on the prompt for 5 minutes. The reason I've been so hesitant to join in is because some of the participants write beautifully and I did that comparison thing and fell short as I always do when I compare myself which is why I should never do that and just be happy with what I do. You can find a link to Five Minute Friday on the right sidebar over there. →

This week's prompt is: EMBRACE

Here we go:

Every single moment that passes does so at warp speed. My girls were born and then, the next day, they were all grown up and out on their own.

I feel I failed to EMBRACE those moments.

Or maybe I just couldn't keep up with the warp speed.

Or maybe that's just the way life is.

Now, I'm trying my best to EMBRACE each moment with this little bug.

Who is already changing and growing at warp speed.

No longer a baby but looking more like a little girl.

In a week or so, I'll be looking back at my time with her as a little bitty thing while sitting at her college graduation.

EMBRACE each moment because they don't last longer than a nanosecond.

But the journey, however fast, is well worth it.

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  1. I often don't write a comment within 5 minutes. My 5 minute attempt at a post would be incomplete sentences with many confusing misspelled words trying to convey that I hate time pressure.

    1. Hey Bill. Nice to meet you. I totally understand your dislike of timers.
      I like to think of Five Minute Friday as 'priming the pump'... it sometimes take that long to get the creative juices going, doesn't it? I noticed back when I started that some of the writers use // to indicate the start and stop of their timer. I use that trick every week now. That way we don't have the pressure to write something brilliant - we just need to start something brilliant.

      Maybe that little trick will help you relax and enjoy the exercise. :)
      Have a great week!
      Shauna Blaak

    2. Bill, just think short and sweet. LOL It's amazing to me what some of these people come up with in 5 minutes. That's one reason I've avoided joining in. I found it pretty good exercise in just getting something down. Sometimes, I'll do a little stream of consciousness writing, usually a little longer than 5 minutes. The good thing, it gets me writing. The bad thing is, that's where I confirmed my lunacy. LOL

  2. Hi Pam! I'm your neighbour and I'm pretty sure this is my first time here. So nice to meet another "experienced and successful" mom. (I'm only a half-empty nester :)

    You're so right! Time goes by far too quickly, and the most important thing to do is EMBRACE EACH MOMENT (and take lots of photos)! We need to shout it from the mountain tops to those coming behind us. I thought your tribute to your girls and grand baby was perfect! You made my heart smile!

    Shauna (your FMF neighbour in #52)

    1. Thank you so much! I very much appreciate the encouragement! I'll be reading your post soon. That little darling was here all day and I'm just recovering. LOL Thank you, again!

  3. It was good to read your post today. I've been thinking the same thing recently about the time with my daughters and how quickly it has passed. Sometimes, I still see them as little girls...yet here they are 14 and 16 years old already. Thank you for the gentle reminder to embrace each moment of our day and to live life fully.

    1. It really does go by so quickly. If I knew a way to slow it down, I'd share the secret with every mom, everywhere! :) Thank you!

  4. I can fully understand how and why the word "EMBRACE" gave you cause to write!!!...:)JP

    1. Thank you! That's the first thing that came to mind so I ran with it. And then felt a bit of the melancholy that comes with looking back.

  5. I love those pictures and your post! Definitely looks like you're embracing life!! Thanks for stopping by to say hello on my blog again! Have a lovely weekend. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm trying but I'm not successful at embracing all of it but my daughters and granddaughter make it easy to embrace them. :)

  6. Replies
    1. Yes it does. Reni and Evan are moving into their new house this weekend! Made me think of you and Joe and y'all's move. :)

  7. I'd love to enter!also liked their page on facebook :)

  8. Hi Pam,
    It's amazing how one day takes the other, and all of a sudden the years go by!
    I love seeing your girls as toddlers - and now as grown ups ... You have a wonderful family!
    Thank you for your sweet note and popping by my blog - I'm so happily surprised to be chosen as the Friend of the Week at Create With Joy :)
    Have a lovely upcoming week,

    1. I agree. Everything flew by and now I'm a grandma. What happened???? :) Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  9. I love when you share photos of the girls.


Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! It makes me feel connected to everyone even though we may live far apart! Have a wonderful day!

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