Thursday, March 16, 2017

Warning: Cute Baby Post

Life as a grandma gets better every day. And more interesting. It may be an old cliche but it is true that there is a reason God gives babies to young people. These days, Baby M is still fighting her naps tooth and nail. But once she's out, she's out. Naps last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour and a half and you never know what you're going to get.

Regardless, you're always happy when they wake up because that means more baby time for grandma! She loves coming over here and that makes me nothing less than completely happy.

Puffs are magical. 

These are Puffs. Puffs are magical. They can take a baby from calling out to Jesus because Grandma's not doing something right or fast enough to full-out smiles and contentment in a mere fraction of a second. They come in a variety of flavors and are wonderful for working on that pincer grasp. Puffs are so much better than the Cheerios I used with the lovelies not only because they are healthier but they also dissolve quite quickly. They're just like air. Sweet potato is our favorite flavor. 

Oh and, Tucker loves them too:

If you are a soon-to-be new grandma, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT PUFFS.

And now, we're climbing. 

Life was easier mere weeks ago when we were simply pulling up on everything. Baby M has added climbing to her give-grandma-a-heart-attack repertoire.

The bottom two shelves are not cutting it for her anymore.

She studies that upper shelf and tries her best to get things down or climb up there. First she reaches and then that left leg tries to go up.

She's like her mother in this. I thought her mother was supposed to have to live with this as payback. I had no idea I would have to live through another climber. I will say she did climb up on a stack of moving boxes at her house so her mommy has become aware that she does, indeed, have a climber.

Breakfast is my favorite meal.

This face at the table for any meal makes the meal better. But breakfast is my favorite because this is the face that makes my day start on just the right note. Is there any better way to start the day? The answer is, No. There is no better way on earth to start the day.

Whether she's got on one sock or two....

Or lets me put her pants on or not...

Whether she's calling out to Jesus...

Or happy as a clam with a sweet potato face...

Whether she's climbing bookshelves....

Or lying down quietly...

Whether she's quite unhappy...

 Or covered in breakfast from head to toe...

Whether she's gotten herself into a self-inflicted predicament...

Or reading a book...

Whether she's sleeping soundly...

Or studying something new...

This little one fills her grandma's heart to overflowing on a daily basis. 

And yes. I did put a bow on her sweet little head. :)

Did I mention to y'all that Baby M's parents have bought their very first house?! They're having a yard sale so all that junk you see in the background of the pictures is my donation to the cause. Or maybe y'all didn't even notice because of the cute subject of the photos. :)

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  1. She is so cute!! Looks like you are enjoying being a grandparent just as much as my hubby and I!! Also, sure - enter me! I love something fun and free and really cute! I liked you on Facebook, and followed on Instagram and Twitter!!

    1. Thanks! I am enjoying it so much. It's more fun than anything I've ever done as I'm sure you understand. :) And you're entered! With 16 entries! Wow!

  2. She is just so cute in everyone of those pictures!

  3. Aren't these some of the best days of our lives? Enjoying the whole week at the Inlet with the grands!! Ellis has three away baseball games. Count me in!!!

    1. They are! Are the grands on spring break or are you just the lucky grandma who gets to visit? We need to go to lunch! Soon! You're in! Love you!

  4. all these pics from one day? I'm sure you are very careful and cautious but I find myself more worried about grandkids than their parent when they were our kids. Too many tipped over furniture onto small toddlers stories out there I guess.

    1. No, they're from the same week, though. Well, the climbing ones are from one day. I am the same way but she's so sure-footed. Plus, I feel she needs to learn to fall just as she needs to learn to walk. Everything is anchored to the wall and the shelves are secured so that they will not tip when she pulls on them. If she happens to pull up on something that will tip, I am right there to stop it or catch her. :) I think I've got her safety covered. I hope so, anyway. Because it is true that we are more cautious with grands than with our own. :)

  5. She is just too cute, Pam. So precious! Blessings all the way around!

  6. Thanks for sharing all the photos of your grand baby. They do keep us going. Thanks for linking up with Blogging Grandmothers.

    1. They do keep us on our toes, that's for sure! Thanks for commenting!

  7. Precious baby! Grandbabies are the best thing ever! Getting to watch them grow up is wonderful. Thank you Pam for sharing at #BloggingGrandmothersLinkParty #LinkUp #BlogParty. I shared on social media.

    1. They are the best for sure! Who knew? LOL I'm enjoying the link party! Thanks!

  8. Yes, we were so busy looking at that little cutie pie, that we didn't notice anything in the background!! Love her little bow. She is so adorable and I can see why you are so besotted with her. ❤️❤️Lovely photos, Pam 😊

    1. Haha! Thanks! That's what I was hoping. :) Isn't she so cute? I'm loving every second because I know it won't be long before she's off to college like your beautiful Eleanor.

  9. Too cute for words. I absolutly love the one sock action. :) Thank you for sharing with #blogginggrandmotherslinkparty. #linkparty, #party. I have shared on social media.

    1. Thank you! I don't think they're ever going to come up with baby socks that stay on. LOL


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