Friday, May 19, 2017

The Truth of the Matter

Whose truth is it? Have you ever heard someone repeat a truth, but they share it wrong? Was it wrong? Or is there perception simply different from yours? When someone shares a truth belonging to someone else, was it their's to tell? Whose truth is it?

Some of our truths are shared but I find that I have many of my own truths that are not shared by others. For example, there are some pieces of art in which I see beauty but others see as just a painting. Many see beauty in the art of Picasso. I have yet to find one bit of beauty in his works. My truth is, he was weird. And so are his paintings. It's the same way with poetry, music, dance. I can see truth in all forms of art. There is way more truth in art than there will ever be in people. Which is odd to me considering the fact that people are the ones who create art.

When sharing our truths with others, some find it easy to do. I do not. One thing I hate is being judged and people will certainly judge you based on your truths. Especially when they know nothing of you or your situation or your truth. Many will not listen or decide they know everything about you when they hear that your truth does not align with theirs. Unless you say something as simple as 'all living things die at some point' there may very well be some judging and assumptions being made about the way you believe the world to be. (OK, my 5 minutes were up somewhere in this paragraph but I'm going to keep on keepin' on...)

There are those who feel that partial truths are sufficient. I prefer whole truths. Some see the world in such a distorted view their truths sound more like a science fiction novel or a myth. But to them, it's everyone else spouting fiction.

Some people would rather not hear the truth of anything. For example, a lot of people do not want to hear a blogger's truth but would rather read nothing but sunshine and roses. Life just isn't like that. How many of us really share our life truths on our blogs anyway? Personally, I'd prefer truth- the good and the bad. I like to read/hear people's stories. I find truthful stories fascinating.

Sometimes we hide behind the truth. Sometimes we distort the truth and sometimes we are victims of that distortion of the truth. Most of us seek the truth but many are only willing to accept it as truth if that truth is the same as our own truth. When we don't agree with the truth of others, we tend to start the judging process. The lack of truth can change relationships permanently and not for the good. Truth is directly related to trust.

There's no doubt truth is an interesting concept.

My truth right now is this face.

I believe every single thing she tells me even though the only understandable words she says are, dog and that.

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!

This post is linked to Five Minute Friday where we write for five minutes about the prompt without stopping. Well, mine went on after the timer stopped AS USUAL.

The prompt this week is TRUTH.

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  1. Very interesting thoughts. I agree with you about Picasso. I do not understand his paintings at all. Perception makes a big difference. And no I do not share most of the bad stuff on my blog. I guess I worry too much about being that public out here in bloggyland. I do try to be honest, but just don't post all of lufe.

    Hope you have a great werkend.

    1. Thank you! I don't even know how to go about understanding Picasso. LOL There are some women who do share the bad stuff but they tend to stay within closed, safe parameters. I stick to the happy stuff. It's honest but it's only the happy parts.

  2. That was supposed to be weekend. Doing this on my phone.

    1. Hahaha! I gave up trying to do anything other than text and take pictures on my phone. :)

  3. When people think of the truth they think it is simple black and white but the truth can often been different shades of grey well I think it can be as we all see things a little different

    1. Yes, we do all see things differently. Perspective plays a role. I've been keeping up with your cruise! Sounds like it's been good for the most part. :)

  4. Ah...truth. Five minutes isn't long enough to settle anything on that subject! Love that sweet face!!

    1. Isn't that the truth. See what I did there? LOL Thanks, Terri! OH! I'm working on the Villanova coasters. I'll send a picture soon. Please don't feel obligated if you don't like them! :)


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