Tuesday, August 22, 2017

It Got Dark

Yep, we lucky folks here in Charleston, SC witnessed a total eclipse of the sun yesterday afternoon and IT WAS AWESOME!

I'm not kidding, Y'all. I mean, we wanted to watch it and all but the excitement during totality took us all by surprise. Not that we didn't think it would be cool I just don't think we realized it would be super cool.We had tons of clouds in the sky all afternoon. But they tended to stay just out of the path of the sun/moon.

It was even a little bit eerie especially since a storm was brewing across the street (not too far in the distance) with thunder and lightning! And someone might have mentioned a Stephen King book. Ok, I mentioned a Stephen King book.

This is over my across-the-street neighbor's house. Seriously, all I did was turn to the right less than one-quarter a turn.

Almost a full turn and you can see how crazy it was with the storm clouds and clear skies at the same time. Crazy.

This one was taken as we were nearing totality. 

The clouds were amazing, too! A little closer to totality... I forgot to put a pair of glasses in front of the camera lens so... still cool, though!

And this lovely right here is still carrying that baby boy. Who was due 6 days ago. But she's feeling some things going on so maybe before this post goes live, we'll have a few baby pictures to add to the mix. Then again, maybe not. Those babies come out when they want to.

See the sky behind Lovely1? Yeah, it was stormy to the left of her (to her right)
and she's looking at the eclipse.

She's the one who reminded us to look at the ground for eclipse shadows. We weren't disappointed. Did Y'all remember to look down?

On the walkway.

On the road in front of the house.

More on the walkway. LOVE the patterns!

Not a bad way to spend a Monday, Y'all.

What did you see in your neck of the woods?

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  1. We had 93% totality (or something like that) and we were amazed at how much light there still was. With 100%, did it get dark like night? dark like early evening? Hope you have a new grandbaby soon! (maybe an eclipse is like a full moon . . .)

    1. It was like dark night. So awesome! My daughter went to the doctor this morning and they are going to induce tomorrow morning at 7:30!

  2. You got your post about this up quick. My wife and I traveled to southern Illinois to see the totality. I texted out to family - "We did it - went total. Saw a planet, a star and beautiful corona". It was an amazing experience. We watched it in Vienna Il with a good size crowd. I'm going to post about it very soon. We also had clouds but from what your pictures show not as much. The corona - I'm still trying to figure out words for it. 2 plus minutes that went by too fast.

    1. I had to work fast, the baby is coming tomorrow. They will induce at 7:30 AM so grandbaby #2 will arrive at some point. I agree the experience was amazing. We were shocked at how thrilling it was. I figured it would be cool but the experience far exceeded cool. It sure did go by too fast. I could watch it again and again.

  3. We got nothing here. It was cloudy and just got a little darker...like 8:00 pm darker. I don't even think the street lights came on. Love seeing the photos though!

    1. We were lucky the clouds moved when they did. Not 30 minutes up the road they saw nothing due to storms. Did you see the NASA photos? Amazing!

  4. We only had a partial and I didn't watch. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I am really sheltered in my life because I choose not to watch the news. What I see is usually on Facebook and everything I saw was warning after warning not to watch. Because I've been housebound I didn't even know that there were glasses to buy!! I have watched footage of towns when they went totally black, that was very cool. Glad you had a nice time.

    1. I am not watching the news either. Sadly for me, Mother watches it in her room and then comes and shares with me what she heard. I keep telling her I don't want to know and she keeps sharing. LOL I saw the suggestion from a Facebook friend to go to the NASA website to research the glasses so I did but I still had a bit of fear in the back of my mind. How are you doing? Are you in pain? Have you started PT?


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